The Best Kevin Gates Hair Moments

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A signature hairstyle cannot be placed on Kevin Gates hair due to the variety of styles he has worn ranging from,

  • The Man Bun (Current Look)
  • Braids
  • Buzz Cut
  • Dreads
  • Twist & Curls
  • Bleached Hair

His laundry list of hairstyles places him on multiple lists such as rappers with braids whilst previously appearing on the rappers with dreads list (He has since cut his dreadlocks)

Our editorial aims to detail each Kevin Gates Hair moment throughout his career in detail.



Kevin Gates Hair Moments (Gallery)


Man Bun

Today Kevin can mostly be seen in his manbun which he styles in multiple ways. Sometimes with hair tied to the back or with a few strands left loose at the front.

What makes his hairstyle that much more distinctive is the feather he places in his hair for spiritual reasons.

kevin gates hair in a manbun

Gates emphasized the feathers having native American roots whilst believing this makes him closer to God!

Regardless of the reason his hair stands out more than the average person for this feature, agree?





Throughout Kevin gates career we have seen him style his hair in multiple different protective styles such as cornrows and off scalp braids.


It’s only a natural occurrence that we have a large variety of rappers with Braids since Hip Hop Culture is Black Culture and Kevin continues to embrace the look.


Buzz Cut

After his release from prison around 2011 Kevin alternated between the buzz cut and small afro! Inadvertently this meant a large focus was placed on gates face tattoos and structure.

buzz cut

Our documented archives show Kevin Gates Hair prior to his long braids and man bun!

Minimalist and masculine, the buzz cut continues to be a great look for men regardless of race!



Looking back at the late 2000s we saw Kevin Gates hair in dreadlocks! Having released mixtapes, DVDs and interviews we saw his dreads at shoulder length.

kevin gates hair in dreads

During an interview with Sway, he revealed that his dreads were grown for 6-7 years prior to cutting them in exchange for the buzz cut!

Within this period, we saw the rapper sport simple dread styles such as 2 strand twists and twist outs.


Twist & Curls

Whilst Kevin grew out his hair, we regularly saw him rock a twist out which featured a curly afro.


His heritage being Puerto Rican and African American creates a curly hair type which looks to be a 3a or 3b.

His curls and twists become much more apparent once his hair is wet, check out the gallery below for his curl and twist moments.

twist out


Bleached Hair

Back in 2018 gates revealed his blonde hair which had fans talking across all social media platforms.

bleached hair in blonde

He stated the original reason was to break stereotypes for men coming from the street not being able to be experimental therefore taking the initiative to break that stigma and try something different!

Since then, we have seen multiple rappers dye their hair blonde such as Lil Durk, Cordae & Chris Brown.

Influence of Kevin Gates hair? We think so!



Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Inspired by the Kevin Gates Hair gallery? Wanting to achieve the same results? Keep on reading

Whether it be braids, manbun or cornrows each requires the upmost care and to ensure this is implemented in your routine we have listed the most important parts of the process. This is not complicated at all, just requires discipline, ensure you

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep them in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Moisturise your Hair


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