Justin Jefferson Hair (Detailed Look)

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Having successfully been drafted during the NFL 2020 procedure to the Vikings we have watched Justin Jefferson hair being styled in different ways such as

  • 2 Strand Twist (Signature & Current Look)
  • Curly Afro with Fade
  • Half Afro and Half Dreads

Whilst his athletic abilities are evident football supporters across the world have become interested in his life outside of the sport which stands to reason why Justin Jefferson Hair is a topic of discussion.

Our editorial will detail his signature look as well as his past hairstyles.

Justin Jefferson Hair (Gallery)

2 Strand Twist (Signature & Current Look)

Today the athlete can mostly be seen in his 2 strand twists! Our gallery below details multiple images of this protective hairstyle.

justin jefferson in 2 strand twist

justin jefferson in two strand twist

2 strand twists

With American football being a contact sport players ensure safety procedures are in place such as body pads and helmets.

Protection also applies to hair which is why we have multiple black athletes who continuously twist and braid their hair across multiple sports.

James hardens hair and Lamar Jacksons hair being examples of this.

Curly Afro with Fade

Prior to his time within the NFL Justin played college football at LSU in which he began to grow out his afro hair which would set the foundation for his 2 strand twists.

Curly Hair with Fades

Within the images above we can see his shaved sides and curly textured hair!

The afro fade is a popular combination due to the side tapering detail which gives it the more polished finished, which is no surprise why celebrities and athletes revert to it constantly. 

Half Afro and Half Dreads

A previous distinctive look from Justin around 2018 – 2019 featured the front part of his hair in dreads with the rest of his hair in a loose afro curl.

dreads and afro

This was achieved by ensuring the front few strands were locked together until hair matted whilst leaving the rest in their loose natural state. We can see images of Justin doing press and interviews with this style of hair from our archives.

Key Take Away: Maintenance!

Twists for men come in different styles which we have covered for you should you be inspired.

To achieve Justin Jefferson Hair will require the upmost care therefore ensure this is implemented in your routine if you want twists, braids, or any other protective hairstyle.

This is not complicated at all, just requires discipline, ensure you

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep them in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Moisturise your Hair

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