Uniqlo Case Study

Why Millennials love Uniqlo (A Uniqlo Case Study)

In 2019 Uniqlo has become one of the leading brands worldwide for casual wear and essentials. The English/Japanese writing, together with the red box logo is recognisable on any high-street in any major country/city. This Uniqlo case study will allow us to explore just why the brand understands today’s digital environment by hacking culture while providing quality clothing for millennials around there 2000+ stores worldwide.

My Hypend Guest Post

Recently I had the opportunity to write for hypend who are the leading streetwear and lifestyle media company in Finland.What makes this particular write up cool and special to me is that it’s my first guest post write up in my blogging journey.I pitched the idea for a story which is titled – Why Unusual Brand Collaborations Make Sense

How Technology is Breaking Social Norms

There’s no question that technology has shifted how humans communicate with each other, share information and consume content. Technology will always keep advancing whether we like it or not and it’s our job to make sure we learn the new tech platforms and devices or be part of the Stone Age era and get left behind. How does this affect social norms on an everyday basis? Well technology is breaking social norms by dismissing popular beliefs by people or culture which was accepted up until the point technology decided to change it.

Case Study on nike

A Case Study on Nike: Originality, Creativity & Morality

I got the Nike hypnosis, you probably got the Nike hypnosis & I’ll breakdown why in this case study on Nike. They have made us part of their tribe, were like their little mini soldiers when it comes to brand awareness and loyalty. We all wear their product, in fact, I’m in air max 1s as I type this out. And we love how it makes us feel. Athletic while feeling stylish!


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