Nike House of Innovation NYC ( 5 Reasons you MUST visit)

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Nike’s House of Innovation NYC takes a futuristic approach to retail with its new NYC flagship store bringing the brands online experience to life. The NYC flagship store is the second house of innovation with its first store located in Shanghai.


As I started to write this blog post not only did I realise that, what made the store great was its creative futuristic vision for retail but Nike’s ability to merge its digital capabilities into the customer shopping experience.


Now there many reasons why Nike stays on top of the game when it comes to sport apparel, athletics, lifestyle and the flagship store further emphasizes that. Without delay let’s get straight into it

Here are the 5 reasons to visit Nike House of Innovation NYC 

1) Customisation

Nike believes in creativity and innovation so it makes sense there’s section allowing customers to customise sneakers with different colour, fabrics and material. The Nike expert studio allows you to get as creative as possible. Customers will also have the support from Nike staff (Called Nike Experts) with styling tips to ensure 100% satisfaction with the end result.

In addition to the customization service, customers can also book one-on-one appointments with Nike Experts Instore.


Nike House of Innovation


2) Digital Experience

As the world goes more digital which means more focus on mobile device technology, Nike have implemented cool shopping experiences via their app as customers now have the ability to shop the entire House of innovation products via the app. 

What does this means for you?

You can shop products via the Nike app store and pick them up at the house of innovation at your own time. Customer items will be held at the reserve pick up lockers meaning you pop in & collect at your convenience.

3) Scan to Try

Probably one of my favourite features! The scan to try allows you to request an item when scanned on the app. A Nike Expert is then at your service which allows you more flexibility to keep browsing the store as you wait. Check the video below on how it works!

Nike House of Innovation

4) Nike Plus Checkout

Customers that have the app have the ability to skip the line and pay via the app for a quicker service, always.

5) Creative Retail Experience

Nike has focused most of their efforts into creating the digital and physical experience to work simultaneously and seamlessly. This can be seen by Nike allowing customers to interact through their apps. For example customers interested in particular mannequins are able to scan the modeled apparel to find out specific sizes and colour variations.

The six stories building covers more than 68,000 square feet on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street. Definitely one you can’t miss

The store is open seven days a week and definitely one to visit! Address is 650 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA

So what am I trying to say? If you’re a loyal Nike customer like myself then the 5 reasons above is enough to get you down to the store.

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