Cameron Smith Mullet (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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The year is 2021, it’s the Olympics, men’s golf is here with the best players around the world all competing, with global media coverage some priority is given to the Cameron Smith Mullet due to its distinctive look.

Despite their often divisive appearance, mullets have found a place in the world of sports as a symbol of rebellion but more so intrigue and curiosity.  

Our editorial takes a detail look at Cameron Smith’s mullet from all angles as well as discussing the popularity of the mullet today

Cameron Smith Mullet Gallery

Cameron Smith Mullet (Front View)

From the front its not immediately apparent that it’s a mullet but were able to see Cameron’s foundations in place with his sides slightly lower.

Cameron Smith Mullet in 2023

In the athletes own words I mean, it’s the Olympics. It doesn’t happen too often, I thought about it for a few weeks beforehand and then I just said, ‘

Stuff it, I’m going to do it,’ and I think it’s been received pretty good.”

Did it pay off? Well lets put it into perspective, its been a few years since the 2021 Olympics and there’s still interest around the hairstyle, so it certainly did.

The willingness of modern athletes to pay homage to the past while making their mark in the present is something we always see sports athletes do.

Practically everybody with braids in the NBA in someway is paying homage to Iverson right? James Harden Hair, Paul George Hair, Kwahi Leonard Braids.

The list goes on and on.

Side View Angle

From the side view, you’ll notice that the hair on the top and sides of their head is cut relatively short and that’s the foundation of the style.

Side View Angle

Most annoying thing is that he wear caps mostly on the course so we don’t really get to see the shaven sides much.

Creating a distinctive contrast between the shorter hair on top and the longer hair is initially what grabs our attention.

Back Angle

Now, let’s shift our view to the back. This is where the mullet truly comes alive or as the saying goes, business at front, party at the back.

Back Angle

You’ll immediately notice that the hair at the back is significantly longer than the rest. It’s like a mini curtain of hair flowing down.

The difference in length between the front and the back creates a sort of visual layering effect. It’s like having a mix of hairstyles all in one – a short haircut in the front and a flowing curtain of hair at the back.

Embracing Personality and Style

Athletes who choose this hairstyle often project a free spirit attitude and confidence that extends beyond their on-field abilities.

Cams influence on the mullet is quite evident when he’s shaving the style into Australian entrepreneur and retired professional golfer Greg Norman.

The mullet is a conversation starter, I mean really think about it, Doesn’t it make you want to speak to the person and ask for their motivational to style the hair this way.

Within black America culture the Drop Shag Haircut is the style for the wanting to be daring whilst carrying the same fundamentals as a mullet.

Mullets in Pop Culture

As with any trend, the mullet’s serves as a reminder that nostalgic hairstyles always come back and athletes have a unique platform to express their personalities.

In addition to this the mullet has gained significant popularity in the 80s and 90s throughout sports & entertainment thanks to Hulk Hogan Hair & Billy Ray Cyrus Hair

Bridging Generations

Older fans might appreciate the nod to the 1980s and 1990s, while younger fans may be introduced to a hairstyle that has become emblematic of a bygone era.

This connection between the past and the present creates a sense of unity among fans of varying ages and backgrounds.

Final Words

TV characters in shows are sporting mullets to capture a specific era or to add an extra layer of authenticity to their roles but nothing beats the present real time.

Art most certainly influences buying decisions but what really speaks volumes is athletes sporting the look/

When they do it I encapsulates a spirit of nonconformity, individuality, and a willingness to challenge conventional norms.

Cameron Smith’s adoption of the mullet in 2021 not only adds a contemporary twist to this iconic hairstyle but also speaks to his desire to make a bold statement during world events, thus bringing more attention to the look.

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