The Best & Worst Aaron Rodgers Hair Moments Ranked

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In his 18 NFL seasons with the Green Bay Packers we have seen various Aaron Rodgers hair styles make headlines, some deeming him the most handsome football athlete whilst other hairstyles has meant trolling. Got to take the good with the bad!

His hairstyles over the last few years have included,

  • Shoulder Length Hair
  • Long top with Short, Back & Sides
  • Short Hair
  • Manbun
  • Messy Hair

Athletes today not only gain a mass following for their athletic talent but also see a great level of interest towards their hair and grooming habits!

Our editorial ranks each of his hairstyles over his career which we grade out of 10, this should be interesting!

Here are the Best & Worst Aaron Rodgers Hair Moments Ranked

Shoulder Length Hair

Ranking (8/10)

The hair length that got us to envision Aaron as John Wick for Halloween, I mean what’s there not to love about this! Straight 8 out of 10!

Aaron Rodgers Hair at shoulder length

However even with our kind sentiment and high rating Aaron himself would disagree as he revealed in an interview he knew it needed to be cut after the NFL Honours.

During the time we saw him with his longer hair it was slicked back and well maintained.

So Aaron, you might not like it but we love it! It’s a yes from us! George Kittle Hair doesn’t stand a chance against this! Ok were fanning out a little too hard!

Long Top with Short, Back & Sides

Ranking (2/10)

The hairstyle that got him trolled throughout quarantine as well as have supporters believing he may be going through a midlife crisis!

During a game against the New England Patriots the camera caught the back angle of Aarons head in what appeared to be shaved in the middle and long on the sides.

It was inevitable that social media would have a field day with this, field day, get it? Ok bad joke from us, not as bad as Aarons haircut, I mean what was he thinking.

The chances of him ever styling his hair this way again are very slim, I think he got the message, we don’t like that haircut.

Short Hair

Ranking (10/10)

Tell me you don’t feel the nostalgia as Aaron sports his classic short quiff in which he wore when 1st drafted back in 2005!

 Aaron Rodgers Hair short cut

In addition this it’s the style he wore during the Super Bowl win against Pittsburgh Steelers.

Having watched the NFL honours and realizing it was time for a new look we saw Aaron go back to basics and rock a style which is undeniable well fitting for him.

We personally love the long hair, however, it’s hard to beat the quiff hairstyle.

Aaron Rodgers Hair in a Manbun

Ranking (7/10)

The best thing about long hair? The ability to have it styled in various ways in which we see Aaron do with this manbun.

 Aaron Rodgers Hair in a manbun

Outside of the manbun being aesthetically pleasing to look at it also has practical benefits, Low Maintenance, clears face from any distraction and lasts as long as you need it too.

The man bun works best on shoulder length hair, once you have this length then feel free to tie hair in a bun at the back or middle of your head.

Messy Hair

Ranking (6/10)

Who would have ever thought that looking like you just woke up out of bed would be considered a fashionable hairstyle?

messy hair

Immediately after games or during his press release we have seen Aaron rocking the unkempt look which serves him well.

Whilst this is purely optional you are free to use product to give your hair that extra textured look or shine for a finish. Perfect for a date night activity or running errands.

Aaron Rodgers Mustache and Other Beards (Bonus)

Not only have we been privy too multiple hairstyles during his 18 NFL Seasons but along that time we have seen various beards from the athlete.

These have included his

  • Handlebar Beard
  • Horseshoe
  • Mustache
  • Full Beard

Handlebar Beard

As the name suggest “handlebars” a mustache is grown as long as possible with the use of product to style straight or upwards to resembles bicycle handles.

Handlebar Beard

Horseshoe Mustache

We have a long history of sports athletes choosing to style their beard this way however its Hulk Hogan who takes the crown, Aaron you’re in good company!

Horseshoe Mustache

Seems like the beard is reserved for legends!

Full Beard

When beards, meets moustaches, whiskers and chin hair to formulate the full beard is both a representation of patience and masculinity.

Bushy Beard

We are also reminded of his age but the greys in his beard doesn’t affect his ability to play football on the field, it keeps him youthful.


When it’s not any out of the ordinary facial hair it’s the classic mustache which we have seen the athlete sporting both on and off the field.

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