The Best Sean O’ Malley Hair Moments Ranked!

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In an attempt to steal headlines each & every fight week leading up to pay per view fights has been the mission of the various Sean O’ Malley Hair dos!

Now, has this hair strategy worked? Don’t answer, that’s a rhetorical question!

Following the athletes match against Eddie Wineland every fight from then on out has featured him in various colourful hairstyles which our editorial details.

Our editorial includes a gallery of his most notorious hairstyles, hairstylist and the back story behind these looks.

Sean O’ Malley Hair Gallery

Here are all Sean’s Notorious hairstyles ranked from Best to Worst!

Ecuador flag hair

Leading up to the fight against Chito we saw Sean dyeing his hair the same colours of his upcoming opponent’s home country which we believed was mental warfare.

Sean O' Malley Hair in the ecuador flag

Sean however denied this being a strategy of distraction but one to get his opponents fans more involved stating.

““I’m just showing my Ecuadorian fans some love. I think every fight we’ll do something different and have a nice little theme. It’s something I look forward to and it’s fun.”

So why is this number 1 on our list? Its creative and most certainly is a poke at his opponent whether he likes to admit it or not.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Natural Curls

Its only right we place his actual natural curly hair 2nd on this list as its quite easy to forget how good and healthy his hair is without any colour or styling.

Sean O' Malley Hair in curls

Outside of his trademark colourful hairstyles our archives demonstrates Sean’s natural type 3 curls.

His hair tends to go straight when wet then reverts back to his natural loose curl pattern.

Were not sure when he will revert back to his natural hair colour as it seems he’s having to much fun experimenting with every colour under the sun.


Doesn’t a hairstyle which requires 12 hours to complete deserve to be on the list? We think so!


So whys that? If you look at each braided cornrow line we can see Sean’s hair is in a different colour, props to Danya his GF for her time and patience.

We all know the benefits of cornrows such as it being a protective hairstyle and low maintenance, however that’s not why its on the list, it’s the colourful consistency which grabs us.

We have seen him style the cornrows in various patterns also from 2 big braids, off scalp braids and traditional cornrows.


What better way to draw all the attention to yourself by colouring your entire head red at a UFC press conference.

Sean O' Malley Hair in red

Calculated move as press conferences is filled with sports media from the world and whilst we appreciate the boldness its not our favourite look.

At this point we understand a large part of his personal brand is sticking out, however this shouldn’t be at the expense of hair! Not our favourite, sorry Sean!


The colour may be random to us but to the athlete it’s all calculated!

pink curly hair

O’Malley can be seen to select the pink hair which matches his freshly wrapped Lamborghini Huracan, which is also pink with green trim.

The colour has also been the theme of several cars he owns plus being the main colour of his clothing line.

In the SEAN O’ MALLEY HAIR REVEAL video below we will be able to see the motivation behind this colour.

So outside of wanting to peacock why does this make the list last? Were not the biggest fans of men in pink hair, sorry! What you guys think?

The Influence Behind Sean’s colourful Hair?

During a promotional video for UFC 280 Sean stated that it was the rapper 69 who inspired him to start colouring his hair in multiple ways.

colourful hair on celebrity men

69 also known as the rainbow hair rapper is widely associated to having his hair coloured in multiple ways, Sean would then take this into the fight world.

The colours on the athletes hair benefits him in a multitude of ways.

  1. Memorable to Fans
  2. Adds another element to his personal brand
  3. Adds Shine and draws Mass attention

Sean O’ Malley Hair Stylist

Whilst the praise and attention is geared towards Sean for the bold move who actually is the expert behind these looks, meet Danya Gonzalez, Sean O’Malley’s Long-time Girlfriend and Hair Stylist. (Right of Image)

Sean O' Malley Hair Stylist

Danya Gonzalez keeps her Instagram profile open for the public as this essentially is her work portfolio documenting her creativity and we can see Sean featured in multiple posts.

Danya’s work speaks for itself at this point and we believe at Heartafact she is deserving of recognition for her talent and skill!

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