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The soft boy style is a trending men’s fashion that has aesthetic feminine ideas, behaviors, and clothing styles. Unlike the rugged or bad boy style, the soft boy style is differentiated by loose fit and short-sleeved clothing. Like its edgier counterpart, the E-boy, the soft boy aesthetic started on Tik Tok.

The aesthetic is mainly seen in Gen Z and is heavily influenced by K-Pop and social media. Soft boy fashion is popular in the spring because of its pastel colors, floral prints, and flowy fabrics.

Soft boys generally have creative hobbies like art, photography, music, poetry, or philosophy. You can easily spot them at museums, concerts, libraries, and bars by their style.


How to Dress Like a Soft Boy

Aesthetic soft boy outfits have more than just clothing options but a lot to do with how soft boys behave, with their symbol of curtain hairstyle (often messy) and liberal accessorizing. They have gone above and beyond traditional male standards by wearing makeup femininely.

You can learn how to dress like a soft boy with these soft boy outfits that you can easily recreate.


Soft boy Outfit 1

Soft Boy style

Pair up your Vintage Sports Jumper with White jeans and a pair of Vans to get a laid-back look. You can also accessorize this look with some feminine jewelry and dying your hair in pale colors.

Wear a baseball or snapback cap or a beanie or hat to complete this look.


Soft boy Outfit 2

Soft boy Outfit

Sports Jumper, Chinos, and converse are other clothes commonly worn by soft boys. You can complement this look with vintage shirts like those of the 1950s, such as striped half sleeve shirts, bowling shirts, or retro silk shirts with funky prints.

Loose-fitting T-shirts are essential in jeans, as long-sleeved shirts signify gentle personality.

Soft boys often wear long-sleeved t-shirts that are easy to see and take little time to get together. These shirts’ colors vary, but dark and pale colors are always favored.



Soft boy Outfit 3

Soft boy

Soft boys would rather wear a comfortable Denim shirt, black jeans, and slip-on vans as appropriate by their folded baggy jeans as well as faded ones. They can also prefer tapered jeans, like skinny black jeans. 

Concerning jeans, soft boys still prefer wearing pants with a loose fit.



Soft boy Outfit 4

softboy outfit ideas to try

Soft boys prefer Baggy jumpers, white shirts, chinos, and converse in the colder season. Sometimes oversized crewneck sweaters, graphic knitted sweaters, plus turtlenecks are another way to dress your soft boy look as you stay warm.

Sweaters with full extended sleeves that cover the hands partially add to the soft look plus rings.



Soft boy Outfit 5

outfit ideas to try

Another cool soft boy outfit is a Stripy t-shirt, light wash jeans, and converse. This smartens up any casual sweatshirt.

Look for the jeans with a ragging texture to get the authentic vintage feel that most soft boys love to show. It’s a great way to say that “you’re not mainstream” without actually uttering it out.

If ragging is too thick of a material to wear in much heat, try changing with multicolored or plaid prints for an added flair. 

The truth is, you can’t go wrong with a plain pair of neutral trousers for versatility. It would be good if you used the same styling cuffed-ankle practice for these pants to encapsulate the soft boy aesthetic in your outfit.


Other Soft Boy Aesthetics


Aesthetic Jackets for Soft Boys

Soft boys love men’s leather biker jackets that are loose-fitting and give a lot of warmth. To dress the comfortable way, you can consider these jackets;

  • Leather biker jackets men
  • Corduroy coats
  • Denim jackets
  • Plaid leather biker jackets men 
  • The windbreaker jacket or a long jacket


Aesthetic Shoes for Soft Boys

Vans or converse high-top sneakers are the two primary shoe styles for establishing a soft boy outfit. These two can give you a lot of street style and casual looks, but still, you’ll need black Dr. Martens or boat shoes for dressier outfits.

In most soft boy outfits, you’ll discover classic sneaker styles like Converse, Dr. Martens, or Vans Old Skool. Otherwise, other common choices for footwear include white sneakers such as the Fila Disruptors and the Nike Air Force Ones. 

You don’t have to look polished with a brand new pair. It’s better if your shoes look as lived-in and as beaten up as possible. After all, the imperfections add more personality to the overall get-up!


Outfits That Are both Comfortable and Aesthetic

These are some ideas for a laid back look with a Soft boy style;

  • A white-collar half-sleeved shirt that is dressed in white pants.
  • Baggy shirt and wide pants. 
  • Pair of white shoes. 
  • Accessories like bracelets, a neck chain, and a benevolent.
  • Black denim leather biker jackets men plus jeans
  • A black crewneck t-shirt makes all the soft black boys look perfect.
  • Messy soft boy hair
  • Yellow or any other bright colored tee
  • A windbreaker leather biker jacket
  • Skinny black jeans. 
  • Plaid shirt, a crewneck t-shirt, plus a pair of loose-fitting pants adorned in a neutral or pastel color.
  • Black and white converse shoes finish the look
  • Leather jacket
  • Black lace-up boots.


Baggy Overalls

Baggy overalls are the same as floral dresses in a soft girl ensemble. They’re both easy one-and-done pieces that you can put on for days when you’re not sure what to wear. 

You only have to get a colorful striped T-shirt that can match your overalls, and your soft boy outfit is almost complete. You can finish off the look with your favorite pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go!


What is a Soft boy?

What is a Soft boy

The term soft boy refers to a young male who adopts clothing, hobbies, traits, and an overall aesthetic that is typically considered feminine. 

Let’s say a soft boy is someone who changes culture’s projections of masculinity in their head. In contrast to being tough, he is non-threatening. Instead of spending a Sunday evening watching football, he’s swamped reading poetry and listening to love songs.


The Origin of the Soft Boy Aesthetic.

The soft boy look first started online in the late 2010s. It started in an era of toxic masculinity. During a #MeToo world, soft boys refused the traditional ideals of masculinity, giving support to a more gentle or non-threatening identity.

It’s not right to talk about the soft boy aesthetic and be silent about K-Pop. While the aesthetic has garnered worldwide acclaim only in the past few years, it’s been popular in South Korea’s K-Pop world from the start. 

You’ll constantly see K-Pop idols wear feminine colors and fabrics, and many have bleach blonde or pastel hair. At least one soft boy plays the ‘sensitive’ guy role in most of today’s famous K-Pop groups.




As much as many men’s fashion trends aim to achieve absolute masculinity, the soft boy look portrays the opposite. It’s about showing a man’s soft side. This style is becoming a very popular fashion trend as more young men adopt it.

Explore your soft side with this soft boy aesthetic guide.


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