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The vans vs converse debate is one which has continually been discussed amongst individuals worldwide. There both 2 iconic footwear brands worldwide offering a range of classic silhouettes, embody a rich heritage & continue to focus on manufacturing high quality sneakers.

These discussions take place online & socially, therefore we have decided to compile a list of the benefits and disbenefits to help you decide which sneaker you prefer & to assist with your next purchase.


Vans vs Converse (The Pros and Cons)



Vans which was founded in 1966 is now one of the biggest manufactures of skateboard apparel. During its initial beginnings Vans sole purpose was to create comfortable footwear for skateboarders. A part of their creation were the classic slip-ons which are not only worn for skateboarding today but have become a fashion item. 


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Great Comfort and Durability
Wearing vans for the first time can feel odd to most people as there is no arch support.

Affordable pricing $40 - $70

Comes in both high top and low top
Comes in multiple styles and colours
Vans collaborate with other brands to create more exclusive sneakers
Perfectly pairs with skinny jeans
Certain vans are padded on the heel for extra protection. ​



Converse have an interesting history which entails being one of the first brands to manufacture and market basketball sneakers with the first release in 1917.

The signature Chuck Taylor sneakers were first popularized by Chuck Taylor himself and other basketball players during this period. Since its initial beginnings in 1908 Converse sneakers are also regarded a fashion item.

converse gif

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Great to pair with multiple outfits

The treads aren’t as deep as they are in vans which means there more vulnerable to damage

Affordable pricing $40 - $70
Will need to replace the shoes more often than vans
Comes in both high top and low top

Not the most comfortable shoe  

Comes in multiple styles and colours
Ideal for everyday wear & Unisex

Perfectly pairs with skinny jeans

Can put in the washing machine for a quick wash

As you can see from our list both feature similar characteristics due to both Vans and Converses being made with vulcanized construction.



So, vans vs converse, who wins?

The answer to end this debate is whichever sneaker you prefer!

Both vans and converse offer a similar look, come in both high & low silhouettes and have been designed in the same vulcanized process which is why there constantly being compared.

When it comes to vans or converse select the sneaker which best aligns with your personal taste and style. Our guideline is simply only that, a guideline! Pick what works for you best!

As both sneakers are affordable the option to purchase both and rotate with different outfits may be the best thing to do!


How to wear vans and converse

The one similarity in outfits is that people often pair their vans and converses with skinny jeans/slim, this is because the narrow tight ending is complementary to the sneaker and should not be covered by the ends of the pants.

With the denim fit rule now in place this allows individuals a variety of options to become creative with their outfits. Both converse and vans pair great with t shirts (plain or graphic), jumpers, hoodies, windbreakers or shirts. Below I’ve created 2 examples of different ways to style your vans and converse.  


How to wear Vans

vans vs converse

Style Example: Slip on Vans, Slim Jeans, Side bag, Stussy Long & Short Tee.

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How to wear Converse

how to wear converse

Style Example: White converse, Slim Joggers, jumper, denim shirt and t shirt. 

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So, while the discussion around vans vs converse takes place both are styled in similar ways due to the sneakers both being slim simple silhouettes. 



Do vans last longer than converse?

Vans last longer due to being more durable than converse as they have been designed for the intention of skateboarding. This means their sneakers are sturdy and strong as the shoe is in constant contact with the board deck and pavement. Converse on the other hand was originally manufactured as a basketball shoe, however, these are not used for basketball today, as brands such as Jordan’s and Nike have created better quality shoes for the sport.

Which is older Vans or Converse?

Converse was founded in 1908 & Vans was founded in 1966 making converse the older brand of the two.

Are vans bad for your feet?

Vans are not bad for your feet; however, many individuals have complained about the flat soles which has no arch support. As I mentioned above they were made with the skateboarder in mind first before being a fashionable consumer item. The purpose of the flat sole is to enable the skateboarder to feel the deck close and have balance.


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