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It may seem a bit of a struggle for men to style themselves in a way that seems flattering, especially in a casual manner. Everyone looks good in a suit, it is in fact tailored for your body and it fits you perfectly. Your body contours are highlighted and it fits like a glove, as it should for you pay a hefty sum to the tailor.


However, things are different when it comes to everyday outfits, here you don’t have a professionally trained tailor to accept your payment and have a perfectly tailored outfit for you. In styling casual outfits you just have good old you. You have to consider all the clothing items you have existing in your wardrobe and style them accordingly. However, contrary to common belief it’s not that difficult. And what’s better is that you have your own personal style guide at your service to walk you through the art of casual dressing.


In this article, we will be discussing some of the everyday casual outfit tips for all the males out there to somewhat simplify their lives. So be it a leather jacket or a blazer, we will show you how to incorporate them into your outfits. So let’s get started.



Tip #01:Make Sure Your Clothes Are a Perfect Fit

Oftentimes we have encountered people who prefer a size up or even a size down. A size up

looks especially bulky while a size down could potentially ruin your clothing item. The right size is the one that fits you like a glove and highlights your stature. Although this particular statement is controversial in the sense that fashion nowadays is leaning more towards looser styles and baggy clothes. However, there is an argument for slim fit clothing. The easy way to properly approach this problem just depends on the look you’re going for and of course your body type. 


So if you’re wearing a suede jacket, the fitting should be immaculate and perfect according to your body, however, if you’re opting for baggy hoodies or boxy shirts then they should be loose fitting. All in all, the perfect fitting should be your primary focus as it is the essence of dressing up. 


Tip #02: Keep it Minimalistic

One important thing to note when you’re dressing up casually is to never take inspiration from high fashion catalogs because nowadays loose fitting and oversized pieces with loud boisterous logos are the talk of the town. And though it may be some people’s taste, it’s not everyone’s. This is why you should always opt for a minimalistic and simple style and take our word for it when we say that simple is never not cool. Considering your existing wardrobe is also important as simple styles are extremely versatile and will go with everything your wardrobe has to offer. 



Tip #03: Find Styles that Are Your Comfort Zone

Every day we see people investing hundreds and thousands on streetwear just because it’s the latest trend or because a particular fashion brand introduced it or because xy actor, singer, or influencer wore it. But is it really worth it if it doesn’t go with your aesthetic or if it doesn’t abide by your comfort zone?

The most important thing when dressing up is to always wear clothes that compliment your personality while simultaneously catering to your comfort zone. And that is only possible if you choose clothing items that you’re comfortable in and can flaunt your personality and individuality. However, if you choose an outfit that you feel insecure in then that will be visible and all the money you spent will be useless.



Tip #04: Go Easy

Simplify and reduce your everyday outfits in the sense that it’s not restrictive or stifling. Find styles that won’t take a lot of time to think about or ponder in the morning when you’re sitting in front of the wardrobe.

Choose daily ensembles that don’t take up a lot of time in the morning yet look exceptionally stylish and fashionable. Go for leather jackets and trousers that you can repeat more often than not. Try out outfits that are effortless to style yet when you wear them they make jaws drop.



Tip #05: Opt for Neutral Toned Articles

An extremely easy way to style outfits is to stock up on clothing items that are neutral toned like black, white, gray, navy, or brown. By doing this you can style tonal outfits that are easy on the eyes and you can also recycle your clothing items. You could also go for neutral colored leather jackets so as to wear them more often.


These options are incredibly flexible to incorporate into your everyday outfits and will go easily with all the articles that you have in your existing wardrobe.



Tip #06: Pay Attention to Details

Details are incredibly important when you’re styling casual everyday outfits. What shoes go with which bottoms, should you leave your shirt tucked or not tucked or maybe half tucked? Should you go for jeans and if jeans then should they be denims or whitewashed denims or are dark wash denims more appropriate?


All these questions just scream how important these little details are, so paying attention to them is fairly important. These tiny details may seem subtle and unimportant however they make a huge difference when you try to implement them in your daily routine.



Wrapping Up

This was our take on some of the tips you can follow for everyday casual outfits. Of course, there are many things you need to keep in mind when dressing casually however these are a couple of them.


That said, you can even ignore some of the tips mentioned here because experimenting and exploring especially in dressing are a great thing, and finding out what works for you takes a lot of experimenting. Always try to find out your style by mixing and matching the existing garments in your wardrobe, you never know just when you hit the jackpot and style the outfit for you.


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