Method Man Beard (Detailed Look, Gallery & why it got Trolled)

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Outside of his impressive career in Music lot of interest has been placed around the Method Man Beard conversation, simply due to his weekly appearance in the TV Show Power.

Some of his on screen looks have included the following,

  • Goatee
  • Chin Strap
  • Full Beard

Method Man Beard Gallery

No Beard (Photoshoot by Twitter User)

With method man being well known having one of the best facial hair styles amongst the various other rappers with beards it came as a surprise to see him clean shaven.

Method Man Beard Comparison Real and Fake

Well that was simply due to a fan photoshopping the original image, panic over!

Method Man himself took to social media to clarify that it was all a playful manipulation. His beard was not going anywhere, and the iconic chin strap remained unscathed.

Full Beard

We now see why Meth’s female audience continues to grow, its his full beard which women on social media lust over.

method man beard fully grown out

In a photoshoot with Men’s Health 50 cent was asked if he wanted to be centre alongside Busta Rhymes and Meth, but he placed Meth in the middle due to the growing female audience, in layman terms the full beard is clearly a winner!  

The appeal lies in its ability to communicate confidence, masculinity and strength, what’s even better is that its constantly well taken care of during his time on set.

As he gracefully ages traces of grey hair peek through, reminding us that even our favourite artists are not immune to the passage of time.


Thanks to Method Man’s performance in the comedy classic “How High his goatee also comes with a hint of nostalgia.


This particular facial hair style has become synonymous with his character in the movie but also sets the foundation for his signature chin strap beard.

The goatee is the perfect balance of edginess and suaveness that captures attention which can be seen on various other Rappers with Beards.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is all about clean lines, sharp angles, which help bring out meths facial features, the transition from the goatee to chin strap is seamless.

Chin Strap

It’s worth noting that this beard style bears a resemblance to rapper Ice Cubes Beard. Aside from the fact that the pair are similar in skin complexion they sport this regularly.

We typically love the look since it enhances the jawline, By hugging the jawbone with its precise lines, it accentuates the natural angles and curves of the face.

This visual emphasis on the jawline brings attention to this feature and makes it appear more prominent.

Maintaining a Healthy Beard: 5 Essential Grooming Practices

To ensure your facial hair stays in prime condition, here are five essential grooming practices that can transform your beard from unruly to refined.

1. Conditioning with Beard Oils

Apply beard oil regularly not only tames frizz but also prevents dryness, itchiness, and dandruff. Its quite easy to forget the skin under your beard so make it a practice to look after.

2. Trimming and Shaping

Theres no point in having a thick beard if it’s not defined and shaped, or worse yet includes neck hair. regular visits to a barber ensures your beard remains neat and well-defined, elevating your overall appearance.

3. Combing for a Polished Look

By gently combing your beard you essentially detangle any snarls but also evenly distribute natural oils! Meth has been seen doing this various his social media accounts.

4. Moisturizing with Beard Balms

Not only do they assist in shaping and styling your facial hair, but they also lock in essential moisture to fend off dryness and brittleness. This is particularly beneficial for those sporting longer beards that may require added control and shaping.

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