The Best Christian Bale Beard Moments Ranked

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Each Christian Bale Beard has been used to fit the nature of the character he portrays and some of these looks have included his,

  • Clean Shaven Beard
  • Stubble Beard
  • Van Dyke Beard
  • Thick Goatee
  • Grey Hipster Beard

His appearance in Batman differs from his appearance in the pale blue eye movie and this is important when capturing a particular look and feel which is congruent to the story and environment.

Were bound to have a large array of beard looks from an actor whose career spans over 3 decades, so we dug up some of his best looks!

The Best Christian Bale Beard Moments Ranked

Clean Shaven Beard

(Ranking 8/10)

No beard, no stubble, no moustache, no chin hair – Nothing!

clean shaven

Christian’s clean-shaven beard has been featured on some of his most critically acclaimed movies such as Batman and American Psycho.

Within the movie American Psycho he is very meticulous about his cleanliness and looks which explains Patrick Batemans Haircut grooming habits.

In batman we all know the superhero’s mask covers the upper half of his face whilst revealing his mouth area giving him the ability to speak to people.

In all batman comics the character has always been clean shaven which would mean Christian having to shave his beard when playing the character in the 3 movies.

Stubble Beard

(Ranking 8/10)

The sweet spot between a clean-shaven face and a full beard, STUBBLE!

Christian Bale beard with stubble

One of the reasons were pro Stubble is simply down to the beard accentuating your appearance and giving the jawline structure.

What stubble does in subtle ways is create a masculine appearance without being too overt. It creates a dimension and depth to face and is easy to manage.

Investing in the right shaver plus the use of beard oil to keep your hair shiny and nourished should be your starting point!

Van Dyke Beard

(Ranking 7/10)

One of the most distinctive Christian Bale beard, the Van Dyke. The disconnected moustache and chin hair is what stands this out.

Van Dyke Beard

Thick in nature and well groomed helps make a statement without ever needing to say a word!

There are many variations to the van dyke beard with one of the more popular styles being curled up moustache ends.

At a 1st glance were able to see this beard is nothing more than a statement, wanting to communicate masculine boldness.

Examples of his Van Dyke can be seen in movies such as American hustle and the new world.

Thick Goatee

(Ranking 5/10)

Similar in the appearance to the Van Dyke with the minor difference being his moustache and chin hair are connected.

Thick Goatee

Facial hair on the sides are shaven off to create a focus around the mouth area only, hair is continually shaved off to maintain the look as the moustache grows.

Outside of just having good genetics and high testosterone there are factors were in control of which helps to thicken up facial hair such as diet and exercise.

Christian is regarded one of the hardest working men in Hollywood who constantly changes physical appearances for roles and when it comes to eating right thick beards are the by product of his commitment.

Grey Hipster Beard

(Ranking 10/10)

In the Netflix hit movie we see Christian portray a detective to investigate a murder within the United States military that’s set in the 1830’s

Christian Bale Beard with grey hair

So facial hair got to be congruent to the time right? Good, roll out the grizzly big beard with some traces of grey!

He would commit to the growth of this look for several months before filming and something he wore after the film during press releases.

The natural next line of question would be how to get a thicker beard, based on the images above, follow our next section.

Ginger Beard

Hair colour not matching beard, is it dye or genetics? In Christian’s case its both! Let’s explain.

Christian Bale ginger beard

Some people carry a gene called MC1R – which in layman terms means it makes a specific protein. Christian has this which explains different hair colour and beard.

It is sometimes dyed to match the colour of his hair or left in his natural off ginger tone which today has traces of grey as he ages!

How do you get a Christian bale beard?

Getting the actors beard will come down to patience whilst following a grooming and health routine.
Were assuming you mean the thicker variations of his beard such as his full grown grizzly hipster or his van dyke!

1. Take Supplements

Beard hairs benefit from vitamins and nutrients so ensure your taking the right amount. Multivitamin should be all you need.

2. Eat the Right Foods
Your hair is made of proteins, so you should in turn ingest plenty of protein through your chicken, eggs and steak! Don’t forget your veggies too!

3. Be Patient
With all the right foundations in place such as your vitamins and nutrition then beard growth simply becomes a game of patience.

4. Apply Beard Oils
Don’t forget there’s skin under there! Yes, under your beard, it may sound silly but when you think of it that way you remembered it needs to be moisturized too. Oil is the answer

5. Visit Barber for Trims
During your journey you’re going to need to ensure your ends are trimmed to removed splits.

The ultimate expression of masculinity a lot of times comes in the form of a well-groomed beard which we constantly see him in.

Follow the basic beard technique outlined above and you’ll be on your way.

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