Marcus Rashford Hair (Detailed Look)

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Since his 2015 season debut we have witnessed multiple Marcus Rashford Hair styles such as his,

  • Signature Taper Fade
  • Dyed Blonde Ends
  • Buzz Cut with Waves
  • South of France Haircut


As a result of his high profile career for Man United and the emergence of social media we continue to see a growing interest around the footballers lifestyle choices, grooming routine and hair styles.


Our editorial covers Marcus Rashford Hairstyles in its entirety!



Marcus Rashford Hair Type

From the chart below we can see that Marcus Rashford’s hair falls under the Type 4 category being a 4A. His hair is afro textured.

marcus rashford hair type

His hair contains S-shape curls throughout which is evident his afro is not has tightly curled as someone with 4B or 4C hair.

This makes it inevitably easier to manage and style. Hair type is dependent by genetics and race and his parents have the same hair type.





Signature Taper Fade

The taper fade has been worn by Marcus for years and in multiple variations which has become his signature look and one he can be identified by.

The subtle gradual fade on the sides compliments his hair on top giving it a complete look along with his line-up.

As well as it complimenting hair on top the taper fade can blend into facial hair whether that be stubble or a grown out beard.

All public appearances from game days, photoshoots, interviews and football press features the athlete in his taper fade, even video games!




Dyed Blonde Ends

Back in 2021 Marcus debuted his new dyed blonde hair on social media which he wore both on and off the pitch.

His blonde hair featured the tips of his ends dyed whilst the roots were kept in their natural colour black. What’s even more interesting about this hairstyle was his curls being accentuated due to the colour.

Its much more common to see contemporary footballers dying and bleaching their hair. Paul Pogba Hair is another great example of this, the constant hair changes is just another form of creative expression.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.



Buzz Cut with Waves

Throughout his career we see Marcus alternating between short variation hairstyles with the most common being his crew and buzz cut.

His buzz cut featured waves achieved with the use of a durag and his crew cut featured his tapered sides.

Both styles are simple which are great on and off season, low maintenance, masculine and a preferred choice amongst men not wanting to spend much time on their hair on a daily basis.

For those with afro textured hair, placing a durag on his buzz cut results in waves which further adds a unique spin to the hairstyle.



South of France Haircut

One of the most distinctive Marcus Rashford hair dos was his South of France haircuts which simply is a mohawk with burst fades on the sides.

Today the style is also known as the Usher Haircut since he is single handily responsible for bringing the style mass attention and this is evident by the after effect this left on his audience, consumers and athletes, Marcus being one of them.

On game days we can see he adds his own creative touch to the hairstyle, such as drawn in lines, colour and patterns to make the haircut that much more unique.

Feel free to get as creative with your south of France haircut since it does not require much maintenance.



Key Take Away: Have a Hair Routine & Maintenance

Most of the hairstyles seen on Marcus Rashford are simple which only require a small level of commitment and maintenance. In order to achieve similar looks follow the tips below


  • Select the best products for your hair type to ensure your curls are highlighted.


  • If you have afro textured hair invest in a hair sponge to further curl your hair


  • Visit barbers once a week or every 2 weeks for a line up and fade


  • Moisturise your Hair (Use a hair spritz or leave in conditioner)


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