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By shaving his head marked a new era which would result in the Justin Bieber Buzz Cut. The image in our minds of his days as a child singer are strong as he sported the wavy mop top, today its multiple variations of the buzz cut

  • Natural Hair
  • Blonde Hair
  • Crew Cut
  • Widows Peak

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga 

Justin Bieber Buzz Cut (All Variations)

Natural Hair Buzz Cut

Simply put the buzz cut creates a more masculine and mature look due to its clean, well-groomed appearance, whilst killing his childhood image.

The same thought process occurred whilst we saw Nick Jonas’s Buzz Cut, the shift from child star to man is important and one we see achieved with a masculine look.

Interestingly, this shift also drew comparisons to Justin Timberlake youthful days, who also transitioned from boy band star to a multifaceted artist with a manly look.

Blonde Hair

Who said the buzz cut has to be boring? Theres options to get creative and in this case we see him styling the haircut with blonde dye.

Justin Bieber Buzz Cut in Blonde

His blonde hair phase stands out as an example of his willingness to embrace change and push boundaries, something we saw with Eminem Hair for his slim shady persona.

Blonde Buzz Cut

The blonde buzz cut added an element of edginess to his appearance, challenging the conventional norms and highlighting his individuality as an artist who is unafraid to take risks.

Crew Cut

The transition between the buzz and crew cut is seamless and whilst were aware the crew cut is not as short it still fall under the category of short hairstyles.

Crew Cut

This style allowed Bieber to maintain the practicality and simplicity of the buzz cut while injecting a touch of versatility and style.

As his hair grew longer we saw him get more creative, enough at times going completely off grid with his styles, anyone remember Justin Bieber dreads?

This versatility in his hairstyle reflected his adaptability as an artist who seamlessly navigates between different genres and trends.

Widow’s Peak

One notable aspect evolving over time was his hairline, particularly his widow’s peak and receding hairline.

Widow's Peak
Photo courtesy GQ Magazine

This happens with age and its apparent on Bieber’s buzz cut.

This is a phenomenon many men experience as they get older, and Bieber has chosen to embrace this change rather than hide it.

Here’s the beauty of the buzz cut, since the widows peak is noticeable the buzz cut tends to blend and mask it, whereas longer levels of hair makes the contrast stand out.

Justin Bieber Hair Type

His hair type falls under category 1 which grows straight and has no curl pattern.

Justin Bieber hair type

Type 1 hair can vary in thickness from thin, medium thickness to thick.

Maintaining your buzz cut Tips

Were not going to act like there’s much to it, there’s not! But the tips is something that need to be said regardless.

  • Regular Trims

    Regular trims to ensure that your masculine features pop are invertible and quite honestly common sense. Use clippers with the appropriate guard length to ensure an even cut, however we prefer you visit your barber.
  • Keep It Clean

    Wash your buzz cut regularly with a gentle and high quality shampoo to remove any dirt or buildup.
    Since the hair is shorter, it’s essential to prevent oil and debris from accumulating on the scalp. Ensure the shampoo is for your hair type.
  • Moisturize and Protect

    Use a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer or conditioner to prevent dryness and maintain a healthy scalp.

    Additionally, when spending time outdoors, apply sunscreen to your scalp to protect it from sunburn.

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