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The Justin Herbert Hair discussion continues to be an area of interest since his 2020 NFL draft playing for the LA chargers.

We have witnessed a difference in real time from his hairstyle during his college football days to his signature hairstyle playing professionally.

Our editorial covers his hair type, previous hairstyles and current signature look



Justin Herbert Hair Type

Justin’s Hair Type falls under category 1, which is straight that has no curl pattern whatsoever.

Justin Herbert Hair Type

Type 1 Straight hair also varies in thickness and falls into different categories, thin, medium and coarse. Taking a quick glance we can see Justin’s hair texture scales towards the thick coarse side.



Justin Herbert Hair Gallery


Signature Look

A quick google search for “Justin Herbert Hair” will result in multiple images of the athletes hair in its signature look which is grown out, above the shoulder wavy hair along with his head band.

Justin Herbert Hair with band

During his college Football years we predominantly saw Justin keep his hair short, today however he has it longer which keeps him in the headlines.

His signature look hair has also inked him brand deals with hair companies such as head and shoulders in which he promotes their product via social media whilst also being a brand ambassador.

Inspired by the look and wanting to imitate requires the use of the right products (don’t overdo it, less is more), head band and patience!


Short Hair

Back in 2020 Justin decided to cut his hair which had football fans in a frenzy! Naturally supporters of Justin became accustomed to his signature look until he decided to cut it.

Short Cut

In a 2020 interview he stated that his hair was getting too long hence the decision to trim it down. The result? Let’s just say we understand why he grew it back.

To quote Justin he said “I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I was just looking for someone to trim it down,”

Interestingly enough it was his strength and conditioning coach John Lott who cut his hair. The haircut went viral with publications across the world covering it

He has since grown it back since his longer hair suits him while getting the better response. Will he trim it again? We’ll have to wait and see.


Justin Talks Hair (Video)

To further make you understand why the world was shocked about his haircut we have to provide context as to why which these old videos prove.


Early on in his career we see a great level of interest from reporters asking about Justin’s hair and we can see it during its messy quiff phase.

We also have video footage from Rayshawn Jenkins, Mikey Davis and Chris Harris Jr. roasting Justin’s hair!

When you combine the social media jokes, headlines and team player roasts it’s no surprise as to why we saw Justin grow his hair again!



Key Take Away: Don’t be scared to try New Styles

From our editorial it quickly becomes apparent that Justin picked a style suited for him and has made it his signature look, you’ll need to do the same and the only way to find the look to try new styled. Ensure you,


  • A/B test your Haircuts
    You need as much reference points to see which one suits you best. This means growing your hair out and styling it different ways.


  • Use the Right Products
    Select the best products for your hair type to ensure your style of choice is maximized. Spiked quiff you’re going to want to use gel or if your wanting messy hair then a paste will do.


  • Invest in Hair Accessories
    As we can see Justin uses a hairband to ensure his hair stays still during practice but this is also a fashion ensemble. This is an option for those with straight hair.


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