The Kid LAROI Hair Gallery (Best Looks)

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Pink coloured hair, curtains, curls, waves and perms are only a few reasons as to why the Kid LAROI Hair continues to be an area of interest online.

At Heartafact we have hand picked some of his best hair moments whilst detailing his hair type and how you can achieve his signature look.

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The Best Kid LAROI Hair Moments

Short Hair

His debut look features himself with shorter hair which we can see in the images below. His short hair marks time in his musical journey as its associated the start of his music journey.

short hair

Any image of the Kid Laroi from the period 2018 – 2019 shows his hair being shorter and we are able to see his natural hair type which is straight.

short straight hair

There is not much sign of curls or waves which would suggest the Australian rapper has his hair permed in the later years that follow (More on this later)


The Curtains haircut grew to prominence during the 90s as a result of punk rock and heavy metal subcultures.

Kid LAROI Hair curtains

It is basically a Mohawk, but with longer hair on the sides and back that is styled into “curtains.”

Fast forward years later and we certainly see some of the most influential artists choosing to style their hair this way.

In the kid Laroi case it was one of the first styles he did after deciding to grow his hair out longer.


The kid Laroi’s transition from the curtain hairstyle to his fringe was seamless!


His fringe throughout the years has been featured on both short hair and long hair!

The Kid LAROI Hair styles

This is a versatile haircut that can be worn up, down or across and in the later images we can see him still incorporating the fringe with new colourful hairstyles.

Long Wavy Hair

As we stated at the start of the article the Kid Laroi’s hair type is straight which is made evident by the images above. So how does he get the curly hair? By Perming.

Kid LAROI Hair long and wavy

In order to take straight hair and make it curly it must go through the perming process which we have detailed below.

The Kid LAROI long hair
  • Dampen Hair and comb so it straighten!
  • Trim the ends.
  • Ensure hair is washed and cleaned.
  • Place rollers in your hair if you have straight hair
  • Apply the permanent perm solution and leave in hair for 20 mins.
  • Rinse the solution out thoroughly.
  • Apply the neutralizer into hair.
  • Remove your curling rods.
  • Dry your man perm and thank us later.

Our best advice here, make sure you visit a professional for optimal results.

This hairstyle has been featured on the rapper at different lengths, above the shoulders and past his shoulders.

Coloured Pink

At this point its now tradition for artists to get creative and stand out on the Grammys red carpet which is what the Kid Laroi did as he debuted in bright pink hair.

Kid LAROI Hair in pink

It was one of the most talked about Grammys 2022 moments and whilst he didn’t keep the colour in for long it certainly had the world taking about it.

To finish off we can see rods where in inserted in his hair for a curly finish.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.