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Back in the day, the only time a chick would see your dick is if you showed it to her in person. Since technology has evolved so much since then, you can give her a sneak peek at your package without even leaving your house!

That’s right, we’re talking about dick pics, and more importantly, how to take a good dick pic. On the surface, it might seem simple, like snapping any ordinary picture, but there’s more to it than that. Think of your dick like a high-fashion model. It deserves to be shot under all the right conditions to get an amazing photo. 

More importantly, if you take a poor shot, it can ruin your chances of sex, or turn her off. That would suck, especially if she seemed really into you. But, not to worry, that’s what this entire article is about. You’ll learn how to take a good dick pic and everything that goes into making your junk look more like a hunk. There’s no way she’d put you to the side after this! 


PAUSE: Get Consent! 

Before you go snapping away at your John, make sure you get her consent. Sometimes, we guys suck at reading signs, and an unsolicited dick pic to someone who doesn’t feel the same way is something you’d regret. 

If you’re already in a relationship or have been intimate with her already, then it’s likely that she’ll have no problem. But, if you’ve never smashed, then she could end up feeling really uncomfortable or get super mad. 

Ask her if she’d like to see how crazy she’s driving you during your sexting session, or bring it up if you’re in a particularly rowdy mood. If she gives you the go-ahead, then you can move on to the cheat sheet on how to take a good dick pic. 


7 hacks for taking a good dick pic

Nudes are supposed to build anticipation and make her crave you. So why on earth do so many guys end up getting the opposite result? That’s simple, they don’t know how to take a good dick pic. They don’t have these hacks. But you do, so consider them very carefully. 


Find the best angle

dick pic tips

Angles aren’t only important when taking selfies. They’re also a huge part of taking good dick pics. So, find an angle that shows the full length of your penis, preferably without your balls (because some women aren’t into it, especially if they’re super hairy). 

Try taking it from your point of view. This is a popular angle because all you have to do is lay there and snap away. And, since most guys don’t have the best-looking toes, keep your socks on for this one. If possible, show no feet. 

You can also try taking a dick pic in the mirror. Some women find it super sexy to get a full view of a guy, rather than just a picture of his dick. It helps with visualization and shows off some of your other great features like your abs! Sideways is the most ideal angle since it will give her a better idea of size, but you can also face forward if you’re confident that it will shine regardless. 

Besides the possibility of them getting leaked, a lot of guys tend to shy away from dick pics that show their faces because they can come out looking pretty awkward. 

And finally, back the hell up! Super close-up dick pics can look more like a medical photo than an enticing nude. 


Lighting check 

Lighting is an important part of taking any photograph, whether it is a selfie or a dick pic. 

There’s no excuse for taking a grainy dick pic in poor lighting, no matter how horny you are. Remember, you’re putting on a show for her, and if you send her lazy work, she might not respond well to it. 

Bright indoor white light (not too bright or aggressive) is best, and try to avoid using your flash as much as possible. Natural or indoor lighting with no shadows is the ideal way to take a good dick pic. 


Clear your background

How to take a Good Dick Pic the right way

The focus of a dick pic should be your dick, so don’t give her anything to take her mind off that, especially something that can ruin the mood. 

A messy pile of dirty laundry or an empty pizza box in the background can make you look like a real slob, and this can change how she perceives you and your hygiene. Toilets are a big no-no, even if it’s nice and shiny. No one wants to think about a toilet when they’re horny. It’s a huge turn-off! If you’re taking your dick pic in a mirror, make sure it’s clean too. 


Make sure it’s clean and moisturized

Nothing will send her running in the opposite direction like a dirty dick pic. Guys, we’ve got to remember that the vagina is a sensitive environment and certain bacteria our dicks carry can mean an infection for her (even if you wear a condom). If you send her a picture of your dick with gunk, her natural instinct will be staying far away from it. 

Another thing is to make sure it’s moisturized. Ashy dick pics are a big no-no and make your member look anything but healthy. It’s super distracting too and can be a turn-off. Try taking a dick pic fresh out of the shower with the water droplets still intact so everything looks all clean and fresh. Otherwise, a little baby oil or any moisturizer should work. Just don’t overdo it. 


Take a few & pick the best ones 

You may not get it right on the first shot. Heck, you might not even get it right on the tenth shot. That’s why it’s important to take multiple dick pics so you can choose the best one. 

Remember to add a little variety, perhaps by changing your angle a bit, tilting the phone, or switching positions. Have fun with your little photoshoot, then pick the top five, then the top two. Three tops, since she probably won’t expect more than that, and you really shouldn’t spam her dick pics. It’s weird. 


Try holding it 

This one is all up to you, but you can try holding your dick in the picture. It can help her with visualization and gives an idea of scale. Just don’t make it awkward by holding it at a weird angle that you think will make it look longer. 

Some women like to see a man’s hand in the dick pic because it makes him look strong or like he’s actively jerking off. It also makes it a bit more personal and less anatomical. 


And guys, make sure it’s hard

This is especially important for guys who are growers, not showers. When it’s flaccid, it won’t show its full size and might make her second guess sex with you. 

Generally, women aren’t interested in seeing a soft penis because some of them actually think it means you’re not into them. It’s a pretty common misconception, so save yourself the embarrassment and make sure you’re hard. Plus, it’s so much hotter. 


Things to remember


Now that you know how to take a good dick pic, there’s one last thing we need to take care of. These are important factors that should be considered when you choose to send someone a dick pic.


  • Never demand nudes back

Even though she might give you the go-ahead to send her your dick, she might not feel obliged to send you a nude back at that moment. This might be the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals ever, but don’t get upset and demand one back. [insert meme reference]


  • Don’t send unsolicited dick pics

Consent is everything. Always make sure you get the green light before sending a dick pic. Even if you’ve sent her dick pics in the past, avoid surprising her, especially if she’s in public, and opens the message in front of others.

Sending unsolicited nudes is a form of sexual harassment, and doing so without the go ahead can ruin your chances significantly. Not only will she be upset/annoyed, but she can block you, or worse report you to authorities!


  • Never leak someone else’s nudes

If you get nudes from her, great! She has sent them for your eyes and your eyes only. Don’t go bragging to your friends and think it’ll be fine if only one or two people see it. They can send it to others, and end up creating a whole scandal.

You should also do your best to keep them secure. Keep them in a private folder and not your main gallery where anyone browsing it can bump into them. Do not store them on shared devices or cloud spaces where anyone with access to it can see them. If you cannot keep them safe, delete them right after.

If you two have a falling out, delete her nudes immediately. They have no business still being on your phone. If you begin to feel angry or resentful, posting them online isn’t the checkmate you think it is. Not only is it wrong, but it’s also pretty dumb and no woman in her right mind would ever send you nudes again. Plus, it is a criminal offense in most places and you might get hit with the full force of the law.


  • Accept that yours could be exposed

We believe the person you’re sending the dick pic to will hold a great level of respect for you so we’re going to assume you know what you’re doing. Just know that once you volunteer any form of nudes, you assume the risk of them being exposed. That sucks, but just because you would not expose them, doesn’t mean they share the same respect that you do. So be warned that sending dick pics could be leaked.

This might make you want to second guess sending your face unless it is someone you really trust like a spouse or long-term partner. If you don’t know her that well, omit your face for now, and leave out any distinguishable marks like tattoos or anything that can be used to identify you. This way, if your nudes end up getting leaked, you can always deny it is you!


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