How to Style Joggers (For Men)

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Joggers have been a wardrobe staple for years due to how comfortable they are and how versatile they can be styled. No longer are joggers only associated with home lounge wear but are now considered a fashion item which is why we are going to show you how to style joggers for the best looks.

Our how to style joggers guide will walk you through the different brands offering the best joggers to help with your buying decision, different styling tips and most importantly a variety of outfit options for different occasions. There will be something suited to your personal style as joggers can be styled in many different ways while coming in a variety of different fabrics.


How to style Joggers Tips

Styling joggers will ultimately come down to your personal preference and style, however, following these tips will ensure your keeping the aesthetic of your outfit casual and relaxed.

  • Slim Fit Joggers – With many different variations of the joggers its best to have slim fit options available for your everyday outfits for embodying a polished look. Wider leg joggers are best for indoors as lounge-wear.
  • Black, Navy & Grey Joggers –When it comes to joggers black, navy & grey are universal colors as they are easily matched with most outfits therefore allowing you more options.
  • Footwear – Joggers should only be worn with sneakers or running shoes. Not to be worn with formal shoes or boots.
  • Keep it plain–Plain joggers help to achieve a more uniform casual look as opposed to joggers which contain heavy branding that can tend to look messy.
  • Short Jackets –Make sure you opt for shorter styled jackets such as the bomber jacket or denim jacket will allow your joggers to show more as opposed to longer jackets which cover the joggers.

Different Ways on How to Style Joggers (For Men)


As Intended (Tracksuit)

tracksuit for men

Joggers are sold by multiple retailers and brands worldwide as a singular item with many options of a matching hoody making this a full set tracksuit.

Matching both joggers and hoody is a perfect combination for the ultimate relaxed look.

The upper half coming in several variations from a full zip to over the head hoody – this set is how the manufactures and brands intended for it to be worn, just add your personal style to it.


T-Shirts with Joggers

t shirt with joggers

What makes joggers great is that they’re comfortable, simple and practical which is why pairing them with a plain T shirt is great for most occasions.

Great for the summer months, all your going to need is a plain t shirt in most colours paired with any of the 3 universal colours I mentioned above that go with joggers such as black, navy or grey.

What’s great about this look is that its suitable for most day activities, you can go to the gym, head to the park, local supermarket, head to the barbers and back home all within the same day. As the temperature drops and gets colder in the evening feel free to add a light jacket to the outfit. 

A light pair of trainers or running shoes will complement the outfit and give it that finishing touch.


Track Jacket with Joggers

track jacket

Traditionally Track Jackets were made with the intention that people would use them for athletic activities and exercising, however, due to the rise of Athleisure which sees us sporting these pieces as everyday wear it’s no surprise as to why track jackets and joggers work well together. Both can be used for physical activities, social settings and a great mix and match set.

Most sportswear brands will produce track jackets as part of a 2 piece tracksuit, which gives you the option to match the set or switch for joggers to allow even more mobility, comfort and trendy looks.

Another great combination suitable for most day activities.


Denim Jacket with Joggers

denim jacket with joggers

One of the best pieces when it comes to creating an outfit with joggers is the denim jacket; it provides a great level of contrast in the look while emphasizing the soft relaxed look of the joggers.

Most people have the intentions to style their denim jackets the right way with jeans, however, many get it wrong. Take that same denim jacket and pair with joggers and your off to a great start.

Typically most denim jacket shades will work well with the joggers of your choice and since the majority of the work has been done for you the rest lies in the detail such as the accessories you choose to wear or sneakers.

Denim Shirt with Joggers –Similar to the point above regarding denim jackets the denim shirt follows the same principal.

The option to select a variety of denim shades against grey, black or navy joggers is going to work!


Parka Jacket with Joggers

parka and joggers

As I previously mentioned before it’s best to style your joggers with shorter jackets such as a bomber jacket or denim jacket, however, the option to pair them with longer jackets like parka can work for your relaxed look too.

Look 1 – Create a medium or high contrast look by having the same colour sneakers, joggers and sweater with the outer parka being a different colour. For example navy sneakers, navy joggers and a navy sweater with an orange parka will create this look.

Look 2 – A denim jacket under the parka jacket will work great for your outfit once paired with grey joggers and sneakers.


Jogger Shorts

Jogger Shorts

Our how to style joggers list would not be complete if we did not throw shorts somewhere in the mix as this has been a popular look for years.

Short Set – As summertime approaches each year brands continue to create different short sets which normally consist of matching plain t-shirts or hoodies and shorts. Feel free to match the set or mix and match as long as the colors’ work together.

Sports Jersey – Sports jerseys whether its football, basketball or baseball when paired with jogger shorts adds more personality to the fit.

Denim Shirt–As denim typically works well with joggers the same applies to its shorts version.

Regardless as to what look you go for remember to pair with fresh/clean sneakers.


Smart Joggers

Smart Joggers

Smart joggers as the name suggests should be reserved for smart casual looks only. The combination of these particular joggers and formal pieces work seamlessly well together.

They can be styled in different ways such as

Look 1 – Smart Joggers, Vans with a relaxed shirt

Look 2 – Smart Joggers,Plain t shirt, bomber jacket and casual sneakers

Look 3 – Smart Joggers, polo shirt and smart boots

Colours – When it comes to colours stick to plain subtle colors or easy patterns, in other words the same principals you would apply to a smart casual outfit if they were chinos.

Smart joggers could be described as the merge between trousers and joggers with the intention of providing comfort while appearing smart which is why it has become the perfect solution for more formal settings

This should be your answer if how to style joggers in a smart way has ever crossed your mind.

RULE OF THUMB – If you decide to style smart joggers avoid traditional jogger fabrics and opt for material such as Linen, Wool, Woven Polyester or Cotton Twill.


Bomber Jacket

How to Style Joggers

Bomber Jackets and joggers are a complimentary match.

The bomber comes in many different styles suitable for joggers such as the athletic bomber intended for high-performance (For example Nike’s Dri Fit Line), the baseball bomber, nylon bomber jacket and suede bomber jacket etc…

All the above once paired with joggers ultimately results in a relaxed look which many of us opt for while completing errands or a go to look for casual social settings.

Whether you’re opting for a statement bomber which is more fashionable in appearance coming in different colours and patterns or a plain bomber the cropped length of the jacket will allow you to achieve a relaxed, stylist contemporary look. 


Joggers Lookbook

Here are a collection of other alternative ways to style joggers

how to style joggers for work


what shoes to wear with jogger pants




how to wear jogger sweatpants guys





jogger styles for men


1) What are Joggers?

Joggers are lightweight soft fabric pants intended for physical activity, sport and comfort.

The first pair of joggers were introduced to the market by Émile Camuset, (Founder of Le Coq Sportif) to allow athletes the ability to stretch and be comfortable while training.

Due to the rise of athleisure joggers have now become a fashionable item with customers choosing to wear them for everyday activities as well as to perform physical exercise.


2) What shoes to wear with Joggers

These are our favorite shoes to wear with Joggers

  • Nike Cortez
  • New Balance 574 Sport
  • Yeezy boost 350 v2
  • Nike Air Force 1
  • Asics GEL-LYTE
  • Adidas EQT GAZELLE
  • Adidas Nite Jogger

Majority of sneakers and trainers will pair great with joggers regardless as to whether there a sportwear brand like the above or not.


3) How do you style cargo Joggers?

When It comes to styling cargo joggers keep things simple and approach it as though they were normal joggers.

The principals apply to both normal and cargo joggers. Use this guide for styling cargo joggers.

4) What are the Best Jogger Brands

Some of the best brands offering joggers consist of Nike, New Balance, French Connection, Adidas and converse.

For Smart Joggers head to Zara, Topman and G Star.

Why are they the best?

The brands listed above have created great quality joggers which can last for years if looked after well, are affordable and can be styled in a variety of ways.

Here are more Affordable sweatpants 

ASOS is also a great start when it comes to looking for joggers as there over 30 brands selling high quality sweats.


5) How not to Style joggers

We have offered tips, outfit ideas and suggested the best brands when it comes to joggers, however there are some things you must not do which include the following,

  • Do not wear joggers with shoes or boots
  • Do not pair joggers with blazers or any other piece of formal wear
  • Joggers will typically only be suitable within social settings, therefore, if your heading out for evening activities replace with jeans or trousers.


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