How to measure inseam

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Inseam length is essential for tailoring or buying pants that fit perfectly. In this article, we shall take a look at the importance of an inseam and how to measure inseam for men’s pants. Getting clothing with the correct inseam length is essential, even though you might not be aware of it. To get the proper fitting and most comfortable pants, you need to have accurate measurements of your inseam.

What is an Inseam

The inseam is a measurement that you can see on your pant’s tag on the inside, right next to your waist size. If you have seen anything like 32 x 36 on a tag, it means that you have a waist measurement of 32 inches and an inseam of 36 inches.

Here’s the thing; people come in all sizes and shapes. We can buy pants that fit us great because companies make a wide range of pants that can fit the average person. Centuries ago, you could only get properly fitting clothes if you visited a tailor.

An inseam or inside seam is the length of your pants from your crotch to the bottom of your pants. Additionally, the outseam or outside seam of your pants would be the length from the top of your waist where you like to wear your pants to the bottom of your pants.

Now that you know what an inseam is, let’s find out how to measure inseam.

Inseam Measurement Tips

  • Go window shopping and find pants that fit perfectly. These will provide accurate measurements, which you can find in the waist of the pants
  • Measure your inseam in inches
  • When measuring, lay your pants on a flat and hard surface for maximum accuracy

How to Measure inseam for men’s pants

Knowing what the inseam is doesn’t mean you will get the measurements right. You need to know exactly how to measure inseam, so you don’t make a mistake. Let’s find out how to measure inseam:

Find pants that fit

The best way to measure your inseam is to single out the pants you like the most. What pants do you find yourself reaching for at the start of the week? The ones that fit perfectly and make you feel like a star. These are the standard for inseam measurements. If you haven’t already cut the tag off, then you can read it to see if it states your inseam measurement.

Lay them on a flat hard surface

If you are going to measure your inseam from the start, you need a tape measure. Fold your pants lengthwise and lay them on a flat hard surface. Your bed won’t work if you want accurate measurements.

Measure the inseam

Run a measuring tape starting from the crotch to the bottom of the pants. Make sure to keep the tape straight because any slanting will affect the measurements. Record the measurement in a notebook or your phone, and then try again. Make sure the different measurements are all the same. That way, you can be assured of an accurate measurement.

Why measure the inseam?

Measuring your inseam might seem a bit redundant, but think about this scenario: you were gifted pants by a friend, but they are too long. To alter your pants, you need the correct inseam measurement.

Getting accurate measurements is important for wearing clothes that fit well. Wearing baggy and too-long pants is a disaster.

Furthermore, tailors need your inseam measurements along with other measurements to make the perfect dress pants to go with your suit.


In this article, we have taken a look at how to measure inseam. Don’t underestimate the power of inseams. They help you to make sure you’re wearing pants that fit well. To measure inseams, remember that it starts from the crotch to the bottom of your pants.

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