The Best Drake Braids (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Among the roster of rappers known for their distinctive braided looks, Drake braids stands out as the most distinctive with a penchant for creative & it’s not even close!

Some of his braided hairstyle looks include,

  • Traditional Cornrows
  • 2 Big Braids
  • Creative Patterns
  • OVO Braided Logo
  • Nike Logo

His unique approach to braids includes embedding company logos like Nike and embracing cultural influences through tribal braids.

Drake’s hairstyles encapsulate a fusion of music, fashion, art and culture, this has now seamlessly transferred over to his hair.

The Best Drake Braids & Alternating Styles

Traditional Cornrows

The year is 2022, Champagne Papi decides its time for a new look so he joins the long list of rappers with braids, enter drake cornrows!

Traditional Cornrows

Before we get to his more creative hairstyles it starts off with his traditional cornrows that feature his distinctive line up and small temple fade.

Drake’s adoption of this style serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic this classic Hip Hop Hairstyle.

In addition to this we have also seen various other rappers deciding to braid up again, some that come to mind are Jim Jones Braids making a comeback and Ludacris braids.

Two Big Braids

Regular changes provide the opportunity for Drakes hair to rest and recover from the tension and stress associated with braiding which explains different styles

Drake Braids with middle parting

The two big braids is just one of those styles that features two larger, chunkier braids that offer a unique visual contrast.

We often see him pairing of beads and accessories at the end of each braid for a personalized touch to the look.

The beads in his 2 braids pair well with his heterosexual outfit choices seen on the rapper from time to time. The overall hairstyle compliments his look.

Creative Patterns

Creative braids involve intricate patterns, unique placements, and an imaginative use of various braid sizes.

creative patterns

From zigzags and swirls to geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs, we have seen the imagination of drake and his hairstylist through the different looks showcased.

Drake’s choice to adopt these styles further emphasizes their relevance, propelling them into the spotlight and inspiring a global audience to embrace the beauty of braided diversity.

Drake Braids with OVO Logo

With the Miami-born hairstylist Bri Marie’s on your side no creative style is of limits, evident by having his record label logo embedded into his hair.

Drake Braids with OVO Logo

To further make the style pop and stand out we saw gold rings used in placement of the Owls eyes.

This artistic feat not only showcased the ingenuity of contemporary hairstyling but also demonstrated Drake’s dedication to his brand.

Throughout Hip Hop we have various examples of artists wearing their brand in the form of clothing or having logos shaved into a buzz cut but this takes things to a whole new level.

Nike Braided Logo

The decision to have the Nike logo braided into his hair represents a bold move to visually express his allegiance and commitment to the brand.

Nike Braids

His clothing line Nocta is with the sports giant and he uses all mediums to express their partnership, even his hair.  

To ensure such styles stay in tact for a long duration of time we often see the rapper having his hair placed under a durag.

You can learn how to tie a durag if you have similar styles or traditional cornrows, this is the secret to keeping them in tact for longer.

Middle Parting

Drake’s exploration of braided hairstyles led him to yet another innovative variation: middle parting cornrows.

Middle Parting

While traditional cornrows run straight down the scalp, middle parting cornrows involve braids that start along the side and converge in the middle.

This style adds a touch of asymmetry and modern flair to the traditional cornrow pattern, highlighting his ability to adapt and infuse new dimensions into classic styles.

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Theres no way you get to this level of intricate detail without a professional braided and good grooming practices.

To ensure you maximize your hairs lifeline it’s imperative the proper care and maintenance is applied to your braids. This is not complicated at all, just follow the following

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep them in for a maximum of 6 weeks
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity
  • Moisturize our Hair

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