Demar Derozan Braids (Gallery)

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The Chicago bulls forward has made a name for himself over the pass few years which has inadvertently resulted in fans taking a liking towards his life, fashion & hairstyle. Demar Derozan Braids are unique in style, and we have included multiple images of this signature look.

Outside of his braids we have seen him sport the buzz cut during the early stages of his career as well as the afro. Take a further look at the gallery below.

Demar Derozan Braids Gallery



Back in 2020 Demar debuted his new look which were his cornrows. What makes them unique is the patten of the cornrows as he has some braids going down to his neck and some braids going across the sides.

Demar Derozan braids

These cornrow patterns are always going to make you stand out for their unique pattern.

Players continue to wear cornrows in their hair as it provides great protective benefits, does not interfere with their performance during game time while looking great.

Demar Derozan cornrows

Demar Derozan Braids in NBA 2K

To reflect his signature look in the game today developers have done a perfect job capturing the players facial features, skin tone and braids.

Demar Derozan nba2k

As you can see his braids in the latest video game reflect his look in real life! Video games prior to 2020 will feature his hair in the afro and buzz cut. The NBA does a great job capturing the players current style in real time.



Prior to Demar making the transition over to braids we saw him grow out his afro for a while. This would set up the foundation for his braids to come.

afro blowout

Sometimes the afro appearing fully round and sometimes appearing with twists.

To further increase its length and volume we saw him with the full blow out which would have been achieved with the use of a blow dryer.


Buzz Cut

During his rookie years at the Toronto Raptors, we saw Demar Derozan in a relatively low buzz haircut.

Buzz Cut style

Its quite common to see rookies at the time of their draft come into the sport with a low-cut hairstyle and then eventually start to grow and style their hair in different ways.

James Harden Hair is a perfect example of this, coming into the league with a short cut and now with full on braids.

How to Maintain your Braids

Having braids installed is a great feeling as it gives you a new look and confidence. To ensure you maximise your hairs lifeline it’s imperative the proper care and maintenance is applied to your braids. We have provided some tips below to ensure that they stay neat, tidy and clean.

Make sure Braids aren’t too tight

If you experience the pain of tight braids, this is your body informing you they need to be loosened or redone. Not only do tight braids damage your hair but you increase your chances of getting braid bumps and infected follicles which we want to avoid. This could lead to temporary or permanent hair loss, something we want to avoid of course!

Moisturize your scalp

We like to explain it like this, your scalp is an extension of your skin, and therefore it requires hydration and care. A good moisturizing routine helps it keep your hair bouncy, defined and healthy, but most important not dry. Find one best suited for your hair type.

Oil your Scalp

We mostly forget to apply oil on our scalp as were too busy focusing on the ends and length, yet it’s our scalp that hair grows from, therefore an oil routine is super important and non-negotiable.

Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag

The main purpose of Du-rags and head wraps is to prevent stray hairs from becoming loose or tangled which creates the messy look. Protecting your hair at night keeps it in check.

Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks

As we mentioned before you’re going to have to ensure you let your hair breathe, then washed and it’s been advised for years that the 6-week mark is the sweet spot.

This is nothing short of good hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires upkeep! Wash days are your best friend and it will repay you which shiny, clean hair.

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