Chris Hemsworth Haircut (Detailed Look)

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Throughout his illustrious career, the award-winning Australian actor has been a driving force behind one of the most famous men’s hairstyle trends — no longer is it the short textured haircut, we have renamed it the Chris Hemsworth haircut.

Whether your hair is short, medium or long, various Chris Hemsworth haircut ideas should inspire you. The Avengers star is an excellent resource for males looking for appealing widow’s peak hairstyles.

Whether you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Ragnarok haircut or his everyday lifestyle look, our gallery will demonstrate the vast majority of options available to you!

Chris Hemsworth Haircut Gallery

Undercut Hairstyle


The undercut option being one of the most popular 90s Hairstyles men wore has stood the test of time and can be seen as a favourite for the actor. The undercut hairstyle is a popular look that is short on the sides and long on the top and he has been seen to wear this on many different occasions such as movie premiers and other A List events. 



To recreate one of Hemsworth’s most recent looks, ensure that your hair is at least three inches in length. Also, taper the sides and rear to get an undercut. Furthermore, keep the lengthier top and trim it into low, pieced-together sections. Use cream, wax, or gel to style a messy quiff and keep the beard well clipped.

Side Quiff

Chris Hemsworth Haircut options

Indicate that you desire a modest pompadour quiff hairstyle à la Chris Hemsworth. Assemble the sides by cutting them shorter than the top but long enough to smooth back. Trim the top in lengthy layers to create movement and delicate texture. To achieve this haircut, take a dime-sized quantity of the product and take your fingers upward.

Messy Spikes

Chris Hemsworth Haircut in spikes

While the spikes style is largely associated with the punk subculture Chris does a great job making it look classy and masculine. A testament to his good looks.

You’re going to have to use pomade or a product of your choice, then rub between your hands, run your hands through the front section of your hair, combing it up and back until spikes form.

Messy Fringe

Chris Hemsworth Haircut in a Fringe

With a clipper guard, reduce the hair on the sides and below the crown on the back. Allow the front of the top to be longer for a more informal, messy fringe. As you approach the rear of the crown, gradually trim the top in shorter sections. For a wet effect, use copious amounts of hair wax or cream.

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder Length Hair

Growing your hair to the desired shoulder length? Patience my friend, patience! Once this is achieved you will have multiple options. You can arrange your hair in a top knot, man bun, braid, or half up half down style. While your growing this out ensure that your following a grooming routine so your beard is right and compliments the hair.

Buzz Cut

buzz cut

Enquire about longer or shorter buzz cuts, depending on the amount of scalp exposure desired. Hair should be cut uniformly throughout, following the natural hairline. Combine with a razor-sharp 5 o’clock shadow beard.

More Options

Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Chris Hemsworth Haircut Conclusion

To put things in perspective, regardless of how long or short your hair is, you’re sure to discover a Chris Hemsworth haircut that’s right for you.

You could pull off his shoulder-length or flow haircuts if you have a more bohemian personality. If you want a more clean-cut appearance, though, consider his textured quiff, fake hawk, or pompadour.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to Hemsworth for visual inspiration for widow’s peak hairstyles, try out one of his side-combed looks for concealing a portion of the hairline.

Finally, keep in mind that Chris has naturally straight hair, enabling him to pull off all of these messy hairstyles. Thus, if your texture is more wavy or curly, utilize style products to sculpt your locks similarly.

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