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Although Seth Rollins hair is fairly consistent now, he experimented with several hairstyles in the past. He rose to prominence as a pro wrestler of the international renown WWE. Nonetheless, the American pro wrestler is more renowned for his stunning appearance and charming personality. Celebrity tabloids and publications are full of rumours and speculation regarding the haircut of the thirty-six year old.

Seth Rollins talked about how he got into Wrestling and why he had such an unusual hairdo in a Wrestling YouTube clip aired in the past.



Why did Seth Rollins Dye his Hair?

Rollins was placed in Floridian Wrestling’s developmental area when he officially joined Wrestling sometime in 2010. The two-tone style became Rollins’ hallmark look after he coloured half of his hair in shiny blond. The Kingslayer admitted that he changed his style drastically to become prominent from the rest of the competition:

“It’s funny … the question I get more than anything is, ‘When are you gonna bring the blond streak back?’ Because at the time there were so many guys in FCW who had long dark hair and beards, and so I just wanted to do something to change it up, to stand out. What’s it gonna hurt to color half my hair and see what happens? And it worked.”


seth rollins blonde hair

The look worked so well that Rollins became the first NXT champion before getting called up to the main roster as part of The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

While Rollins has since switched to the all-brunette look, it’s fair to say that the dyed look worked in his favour. Wrestling is not only about being the best athlete, it’s about creating a lasting impression on the audience. All the greats had something about their characters fans loved and Seth hair is one of the components that helped build his personal brand.


Seth Rollins Hair In Pop Culture 

action figure dyed hair

Wrestling action figures have become collectable items for the fans and have been created in ways to further enhance the athlete’s features. In the case of Seth Rollins, his action figure include the dyed blonde hair which reflects back to his start in the company.

Another example of this would be Roman Reigns whose hair is long dark and thick and one of his main features outside of his physique and career stats can also be seen on his action figure.



Seth Rollins Hair Current Look

Wondering what Seth Rollins hair currently looks like? Below is what the WWE superstar’s hair appear:

Seth Rollins Hairstyles


Seth Rollins Hair tied up



Past Wrestlers Who Have Dyed Their Hair

Many WWE Big names have changed their appearances, especially their hair colours, over the last few years. Let’s take a look at some of them!



Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy

Hardy Boyz

Jeff – Outside of his dare devil stunts in the ring, Jeff hardy made a name for himself as an athlete with colourful hair, nails and face paint. Similarly to Seth Rollins, Jeff understood the aim to becoming a powerhouse and personal brand to create an impression on the fans.  

He has coloured his hair with many different ways, here’s a few looks.


Hardy – Following in the footsteps of his brother Jeff, Matt has also experimented with dying his hair in the past.

The difference in colour used by the brothers is apparent immediately as Matt chooses to keep his hair dye simple with a small blonde streak, Jeff on the other hand has coloured his hair with every colour possible.



Rikishi hair

Rikishi’s natural hair colour is black, similarly to roman reigns hair, he is of Samoan descent, therefore his hair can be described has long, curly and thick.

During his peak years in the late 90s and 2000s Rikishi underwent a rebrand and changed his hair to blonde.

This image of the wrestler continues to stay vivid in the mind of fans worldwide. While his natural hair was black most would remember him for his blonde style hair!



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