G-Eazy Haircut (Detailed Look)

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The G-Eazy haircut, popularized by G-Eazy, an American rapper and philanthropist, is a sharp and striking haircut influenced by the era of greasy hair.

In most circumstances, the G-Eazy haircut is also known as a typical slicked back or comb-over hairstyle.

On the other hand, the rapper does not mindlessly follow every fashion and fad but instead employs them with his eyes and taste. He can express the traditional variety with a new attitude by using extraordinary subtleties.

If you want to recreate the haircut check out our selection of his finest hairstyles, and we’ll show you how to replicate his side-parting slick back hairstyle step-by-step.


G Eazy Hair Gallery

When it comes to G Eazy its immediately clear that he alternates between having a few strands of hair go down across his face & having everything slicked back.

The one constant is his side parting and greasy hairstyle, take a look. 

g eazy hair

slicked back style


G-Eazy Haircut look


G-Eazy Haircut style



Here’s a Video Tutorial on the G-Eazy Haircut 




How to Get the G-Eazy Haircut

Step 1: Wash and Clean up

It’s generally a good idea to wash off any hair products before a haircut. So the most important stage is the foundation, use shampoo and conditioner to get your hair clean and manageable.


Step 2: Organize

You’re going to firstly create a parting on the side of your hair, this point will be where the hair is separated to create the pullover look. Hair should be combed away from the sectioning. Blow-dry your hair for a few minutes underneath the parting and use a skeleton brush to assist in keeping it in place.


Step 3: Cut

Trim the bottom section of the sides and the rear head using a scissor as you move higher and higher up. Make a gradient from 9 mm to 2 cm on the sides and 9 mm to 2 cm on the rear head. Wash and tidy up, arrange your hair, and cut it short.


Step 4: Apply the Top Gradient

Cut a gradient from the fringe to the top center of 10-12 cm. Allowing the full front hair to lean on the hair in the rear helps increase the volume of the hair.


Step 5: Get Rid Of Half Of It

After you’ve finished the gradient, use a thin scissor to make the hair on top of your headless. It will be easier to style after the haircut when you thin down your hair.

Step 6: It’s Time to Blow!

In contrast to step 2, you must blow-dry your hair for a more extended period this time. Blow-dry it backward to achieve the slicked back impression before style. You will analyze the finished hairdo much better if you let your hair dry.

Use a skeleton brush in conjunction with the hairdryer to help you keep your hair in place. Remember to shake the hair drier and tip the beak to prevent your hair from burning and to speed up the process. Cut the top of the hair, thin it out, and blow-dry it.

Step 7: Trimming Around The Edges

Trim the hairdo into its final form using the scissor. If required, use the thinning scissor once more. Continue by trimming the margins using an electric trimmer. Using the trimmer, create a beautiful and precise line-up along the side-parting.

Outline the borders of your neck and the region around your ears next. Rather than a preset trimmer head, use a comb below the electric trimmer to gain entirely manual control.

Step 8: Straighten 

If your hair isn’t naturally smooth, use a flat iron to avoid Marlon Brando’s wavy slick back. A straightener will assist in keeping the hair in a smooth position.


Step 9: Use Hair Styling Gel to style your hair.

Finish by applying hair styling gel to the hairdo. The hair styling gel should be used to shape the hair and give it extreme grip for the whole day and an excellent glossy finish – exactly like G-Eazy.


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