Matthew Patel Hair Gallery (Detailed Look)

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From the moment were introduced to Matthew Patel in the movie Scott pilgrim his unique hairstyle contributes to his mystique and supernatural abilities.

Our editorial includes a visual gallery of Matthew Patel’s hairstyle from the movie, animated series and illustrations from designers.

Portrayed By Satya Bhabha

Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel

His dark hair is a result of his Asian heritage which adds depth to his character, distinguishing him among the cast whilst the style compliments his flamboyant nature.

Emo Culture Influence

Matthew Patel Emo
Credit – @ Random_69_69

Patel’s hairstyle draws heavily from the emo movement. It’s a visual cue that immediately connects him with a particular youth subculture.

Side View

From the side, the asymmetrical nature of Patel’s hairstyle is prominently displayed.

This asymmetry also adds a dynamic visual element, making his silhouette instantly recognizable and distinctive.


Credit – Universal

In any movie characters have to grab our attention quickly and that’s certainly the case with his grand entrance and look.

Patel’s demeanour is confident to the point of being theatrical and his hair matches this almost instantly.

Back View Profile

The hair layers from the back are subtle but effective in adding dimension. These layers could vary in length, short in front and longer in back

Extended Gallery of Illustrations

The fringe that obscures his eye can be seen as a metaphor for his obscured motives and mysterious past.

Matthew Patel Hair in an Alternative Universe

Matthew Patel Hair in an Alternative Universe
Twitter Credit – @garfunkefellows

In the graphic above @garfunkefellows reimagines Matthew in an alternative universe as a hero as opposed to the villain.

The primary antagonists in the film are the seven evil exes of Ramona Flowers and he’s the final boss, with the cool hair!

Alternative Universe 2

Credit – @PlatDrawsStuff

Instead of being an evil ex, Patel’s relationship with Ramona Flowers is reimagined. They are allies, perhaps even friends which results in the illustration work of his character happy and loved.

Alternative Universe 3

Hair in an Alternative Universe

Scene from the Movie

The scene perfectly illustrates his character in a matter of minutes. Our Matthew Patel Hair gallery and character analysis is only the icing on the cake! The video is golden!

Ooo and things just got animated for all you Scott Pilgrim Takes Off fans