80s Rappers

80s Rappers that Dominated Hip Hop

While the 90s is often regarded the Golden era of Hip Hop it’s the 80s rappers who deserve all the praise for laying the blueprint and setting the foundation for Hip Hop Culture. The 80s marked a time in which we began to see Hip Hop go commercial, receive more national radio play and be introduced to the world through YO MTV Raps.

Men’s 80s Fashion

Men’s 80s Fashion (Style, Trends & Brands)

The 80s is a decade that is often remembered for its culture defining moments such as the birth of MTV helping to shape pop culture and fashion, Michael Jackson’s Thriller release, the rise of athleisure as Nike became one of the biggest clothing brands with the help of Michael Jordan & the emergence of Hip Hop culture starting to form its identity. Men’s 80s fashion was influenced by these moments & its nostalgia continues to be sought after today.


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