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Outside of being regarded the best shooter in NBA history discussions around Steph Curry Hair and style have also been a centre of attention for the NBA star as we have seen him sport his hair in multiple ways throughout his career.

For Steph, some of the most prominent hairstyles over time have been the buzz cut, high top, and mini twists, to mention a few.

On the flip side, if these styles prove anything, a simple alteration can completely change the way you look, ranging from a simple color change at home to a drastic chop. These are the transformative celebrity haircuts we’re talking about right now, from long to short.

Here, we’ve painstakingly compiled a list of all (and I mean all) of the best and most incredible hair transformations of Steph Curry during his career.

Here are the Best Steph Curry Hair Moments

Buzz Cut

buzz cut waves

While its apparent Steph has alternated between different hairstyles its evident that the buzz cut is his trademark look. Often seen with waves in his hair. It’s all about striking the appropriate balance between utility and fashion, style and simplicity when it comes to choosing the right buzz cut. And for the most part, the best method to achieve a balanced look is to combine a buzzed haircut with a beard which he does effortlessly. 

Afro With Fade

steph curry hair fade

One of the best approaches to wearing black and curly hair like Steph Curry’s is the afro fade haircut. It’s a fade haircut with gradual hair tapering, but it’s more creative and stylish than other kinds of fades.

Although it necessitates a high level of talent and is time-consuming, the end effect is spectacular, making the effort worthwhile.

This fade gives you the clean feel and fresh look that no other cut can, and the good news is that you still have the luxury of any other design at the top. Steph’s approach to this style was a curly top directed upwards, with the sides faded for a clean effect.

High Top

High Top

The high-top fade hairstyle was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, the style has progressed significantly since Kid of Kid’ n Play’s iconic look.

The high-top haircut can be worn in various ways, including the ever-popular flat top. Taking a page from Steph Curry’s playbook, the top of the hair can be styled in multiple ways, but the sides are always faded. 

Meanwhile, it is essential to note that this is not a hairstyle for people with straight hair. Afro Textured hair, ranging from curly to kinky, gives the high top its height.   

Sponge Twists 

steph curry hair in sponge twists

At this point, you should have already come to terms with the fact that Steph Curry took tons of risks with his hair. Sponge twists are also referred to as a loc sponge or curl sponge. It is a thick sponge with microscopic suction holes. Sponge twists are usually two-sided. On one side, there are tiny holes, while on the other, there are grooves. Each of these sides helps to create distinct textures in your hair, such as curls or twists. 

The flat side is used to create very defined curls, while the grooved side is used to create a more rough appearance, “Sponge Twists.”

Both men and women, preferably with type 4 hair, can use a curl sponge to define their curls, coils, or twists. It works best on curly hair that is short and natural.

These simple sponge twists can be seen on Steph during game time. The simple procedure takes a few minutes to achieve! Just rotate the sponge around your head in a 360 motion! This is another steph curry hair trademark!

Mini Twists 

Mini Twists

Mini twists are a favourite due to the versatility they offer. The adaptable style is appropriate for a casual day at the beach and a formal event.

The style is also relatively simple to achieve and provides a variety of styling options.

Mini twists are a long-term protective style that is slim and twisted, with twists the size of a No. 2 pencil.

The originator of mini twists is unknown; nevertheless, because they are a modification of Senegalese twists, the style is frequently associated with them.

However, do not get the two confused with each other. Mini twists differ from regular Senegalese twists in that they involve parting and twisting extremely small bits of hair rather than medium to large sections (i.e., creating mini twists).

Cornrow With Shaved Sides

Cornrow With Shaved Sides

One of the most memorable Steph Curry Hair moments was his cornrows that he wore a few years ago. A massive change in appearance due to the NBA player mostly keeping his hair short. He has since reverted back to the buzz cut however this was a moment we had to document.

His Cornrows were thick at top along with shaved sides. Despite being an ancient African hair grooming style, they are still one of the most alluring hairstyles which have been featured on the basketball court since Allen Iverson made the bold move to wear them on the court back in the early 2000s. Finally, it’s a practical hairstyle that protects your hair from the elements while reducing frizz.

In Pop Culture

Steph Curry Hair in video game

As we mentioned earlier, Steph has alternated between multiple different hairstyles and we have seen video games create characters to mimic his signature look. 

Final Words

You would agree that this wasn’t just about Steph Curry and his hair decisions. The idea was to narrow down your options while exposing yourself to the resultant effect of any style you decide on. 

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