Refresh Your Look With Bomber Leather Jackets

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Besides the contemporary leather jackets, bomber leather jackets can refresh your boring, dull outfit effortlessly. Women like comfort and style combined whenever they step out, and bomber jacket for women provides exactly that. They come in several colors; nude being the most recent choice for millennials. 

Apart from jeans, you can style your bomber leather jackets in so many other creative ways! Continue reading below to check out different ideas to refresh your look with bomber leather jackets.  

Style Up in Cold Weather

Usually, women prefer to wear bomber leather jackets during winters and autumns, and there are various ways they can be styled on winter attires. Let’s see some of them below:

Classic Denims/Jeans

With black and chocolate brown bomber leather jackets, nothing goes better than jeans and denims. You can not only go for ripped jeans, but mom jeans, bootcut, and skinny jeans also look quite chic. 

Particularly in winters, this outfit is a go-to option for women of all ages. Bomber jackets come with cool embellishments too, so you got plenty of design options to choose from. 

Colorful Sweaters and Turtlenecks

Wear your colorful sweaters and turtlenecks, such as green, orange, red, purple, yellow, etc., underneath your bomber leather jackets to amp your look.

Winter outfits tend to get tedious, which is why pairing your bomber jackets with winter clothes is the ongoing trend. 

Sturdy Leather Pants

Leather with leather goes just like bread and butter! You can go monotone and style your black bomber leather jacket with black leather pants, OR you can play with different colors like blacks with camel tones. 

This outfit is great for casual wear and also for fun night outs! You can even impress your dates with this simple yet sophisticated attire. 

During Summers and Springs

Most of us think that bomber leather jackets can only be worn in cold seasons, but you can definitely flaunt them during hotter seasons. The key is to choose jackets with softer material and thinner lining, and you are all set to go about your summer day!

Floral Dresses 

2022 is mostly about floral and beachy dresses, even for casual evenings. Tweak your mid-sized or long summer dresses by wearing a cropped bomber leather jacket for women.

Both loose and tight-fit dresses look elegant with bomber jackets; just make sure to contrast the colors well.   

Patterned Pants and Solid Chinos 

An easy-to-carry formal attire with bomber leather jackets is always pants and chinos. So don’t worry and invest in bomber jackets as they are very well-suited for office meetings. 

Olive-colored bomber jackets are very in these days, and they look pretty decent with solid black chinos or nude patterned pants. 

Short or Full-Length Skirts

Springs are all about flowy and mini-skirts! For a college look, pair up your bomber leather jacket with a mini pleated skirt and a blouse. To have a grunge effect, go and style them with a tight pencil skirt. 

While full-length skirts look more suitable with cropped and embellished bomber jackets. Keep things casual and wear your bomber jacket with a flirty skirt.

Loose Blouse, Shirts, Crop-Tops

Who doesn’t own a few nice blouses and crop tops? While the first thought is to wear them singly over skirts and jeans, you can absolutely work out your fashionista side and pull over your bomber leather jacket. 

Apart from this, you can wear white tees and long formal shirts under your bomber jackets for a street-look. You can also wear graphic and colorful tees to give a playful and youthful vibe.

For a business look, bomber jackets over flared pants and button-down shirts look very appropriate. 

Accessorize Them Smartly 

As we have talked about outfits, let’s not forget how to accessorize and complete your bomber leather jacket look!

Stylish Caps and Hats

Large beach hats are very much in fashion these days, especially with dresses and crop tops. While thinking of wearing hats with bomber jackets may seem eccentric, they look quite dapper if worn right. 

Not just hats, you can accessorize your bomber jackets by wearing caps, mainly with tees and jeans. It gives off a laid-back and tomboy look on casual sunny evenings.    

Carry Crossbody Bags and Totes

When it comes to carrying bags with leather bomber jackets, the safest and most appropriate choice is crossbody bags and totes. Considering the overall elegance of bomber jackets, clutches, backpacks, or other kind of shoulder bags kill the entire look! 

Make sure to choose simple and sophisticated bags, such as bags made of leather, suede, and jute, with fewer zips and ornamentation.   

Wear Minimalistic Jewelry

It’s a no no to wear big gaudy earrings or necklaces over bomber leather jackets. Being flashy is never a good idea when playing with a style statement like bomber jackets. 

So, make sure to wear delicate and minimalist jewelry, such as fine bracelets, leather watches, studs, and cute rings.    

Last But Not The Least, SHOES

You might be wondering, what about shoes? Well, be it shoes, loafers, heels, sandals, or boots, almost everything suits well with bomber leather jackets. 

Leather boots and loafers, however, look most stylish over these jackets. Nonetheless, depending upon your attire, you can opt for any kind of shoes you feel comfortable in. 

No that there is a need to mention, but flip-flops are completely off the equation when it comes to wearing bomber jackets. 


All the above-listed ideas are top-most preferred ways to refresh your look with bomber leather jackets. It is certainly an investment that is yet to stay for several years. As bomber jackets appeal to women of every age, older women can also wear them without giving a second thought. The outfit ideas discussed in this blog are also suitable for women of all ages, from boomers to Gen-Z

Be it summers, winters, springs, or autumns, you can easily slay with a bomber jacket. Just make sure to opt for decent accessories and shoes according to your attire, and you are all good to go.