The Best Rappers with Green Hair (Visual Galley)

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Times have evolved, and so has the notion of the traditional Hip Hop appearance, there’s evidence to suggest artists are becoming much more creative and expressive, enter rappers with green hair!

From neon hues to enchanting pastels, these fearless artists have transformed their locks into vibrant canvases, some even experimenting with various other colours.


Rappers with Green Hair (Visual Galley)

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert Dreads are to hip hop what Dennis Rodman Hair was to basketball.

Lil Uzi Vert hair in green
Image Source – XXL Magazine

Theres no signature look for the pair, its ever changing and green is just one of the colours.

Uzi Vert has consistently set trends with his colourful and electrifying hair.

His green hair serves as a reflection of his artistic freedom and willingness to push boundaries, cementing his status as a trendsetter in the industry.

Trippie Redd

To understand Trippie Redd’s green hair colour choice you must 1st understand the emo rap/Soundcloud rap culture

Rappers with Green Hair and dreads

Emo rap is heavily rooted in emotions and mental health themes, addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

By experimenting with bold and vivid hair colours, artists could visually represent their emotional turmoil and inner struggles, giving their audience a glimpse into their psyche and what better what to spark intrigue then to dye your hair green!

Rich the Kid

Now whilst the majority of artists in the editorial committed to a full green head we saw Rich the kid only testing the waters by having his ends dyed.

Skinny Dreads

Green hair has been one of the ways he showcases his bold personality and distinctive style but he didn’t go the full way which is understandable.

There would be nothing worst than to commit to a colour and then hate it afterwards.

Kid Cudi

As an artist who has always pushed the boundaries of conventional rap, his green hair perfectly complements his experimental and introspective approach to music.

rappers with green hair

Cudi choosing to dye his hair in multiple colors signifies a willingness to defy societal norms and break away from the conventional, that’s represented within the music too!

We predict Cudi will continue to be unpredictable with his hair choices and that’s evident by his previous choices to style green hair on the red carpet or red hair at music shows.

Nicki Minaj

When talking about rappers with green hair, Nicki definitely makes the list, but to be honest she makes various lists, rappers with blonde hair, rappers with red hair, pink, you name it!

Wigs in Hip Hop

The rap queen, known for her fierce and unapologetic persona, has showcased an array of colourful hairstyles throughout her career, including stunning green hairdos. From neon green wigs to green streaks.

Nicki Minaj’s green hair has become an iconic symbol of her artistry and boundary-pushing fashion sense.

Best Tips to Getting Green Dyed Hair

For those inspired by these green-haired rappers and wanting to try the look themselves, here are some best tips to achieve vibrant and eye-catching green dyed hair:

  1. Consult a Professional: For the best results and to minimize damage to your hair, it’s advisable to consult a professional colourist. Nothing worst than waning to dye your hair green and it coming out purple, can you imagine 👀

  2. Prep Your Hair: Before dyeing your hair green, ensure it is in good condition. Use deep conditioning treatments and avoid using heat styling tools excessively to minimize damage, I mean common sense stuff!

  3. Choose the Right Shade: There are various shades of green to choose from, ranging from subtle pastels to intense neon hues. Consider your skin tone so you select the right one.

  4. Use Quality Hair Dye: Invest in high-quality hair dye to ensure long-lasting and vibrant results. Cheaper products when it comes to your hair are a big no no! As they saying goes if you buy cheap you buy twice

  5. Bleaching: Depending on your natural hair color, bleaching may be necessary to achieve the desired green shade. It’s crucial to follow the bleaching process carefully to avoid damaging your hair.

  6. Maintenance is Key: Green hair may require more maintenance than other colors, as bright shades tend to fade faster. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner and avoid frequent washing to preserve the vibrancy of the green color.

  7. Protect Your Hair: Regularly apply leave-in conditioner or hair oils to protect your green locks from environmental damage and keep them looking healthy and shiny.

In conclusion, rappers with green hair have embraced this vibrant and bold trend as a symbol of artistic expression and individuality.