Paddy Pimblett Hair (Detailed Look & Gallery)

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Since his promotional UFC debut back in September 2021 the Paddy Pimblett Hair conversation has been covered throughout sports and social media.

Whether you hate it or love it Paddy has made it clear the Mop Top hairstyle or Ketwig as scousers like to call it isn’t going anywhere.

Our editorial includes a gallery of the athletes signature hairstyle.

Paddy Pimblett Hair Gallery

Trademark Look

The trademark look can be seen just above his shoulders, thick and blonde with minimal styling outside of his original look.

Paddy Pimblett Hair in a long mop top
long mop top

Slightly Trimmed

When the trademark Mop Top gets too long we can see the athlete having the ends trimmed to maintain the look.

Paddy Pimblett Hair in a short mop top
short mop top

What is Paddy Pimblett haircut called?

The Paddy Pimblett haircut is called a Mop Top that was popularized by the Beatles during the 60s in the prime years and Justin Bieber during his debut.

Mop Top Hair in the 60s

Those with the hairstyle can be identified easily as its mostly trimmed evenly around the head whilst the front covers the forehead area reaching the eyebrows to create a fringe.

Hair on the sides covers (or almost fully covers) the ears which we can see in our comparison images above between Paddy and the Beatles.

Reason for this haircut?

The reason behind Paddy’s haircut may surprise, the athlete said in interviews that his hairstyle and lack of tattoos will drive popularity with the younger generation.

To quote him verbatim

“Yeah. I see myself being bigger than that, because the sport has evolved even more than when Conor made it mainstream.

He had twenty-something lads following him where I’m getting kids from the age of five. Kids look at McGregor and see a big, hard fella with loads of tattoos.

Kids have got long, floppy hair, they haven’t got tattoos. They can identify with me.”

Mop Tops in Pop Culture

Yes the 60s are long gone, but nostalgia lives forever which is why we continue to see it history repeat itself in contemporary times.

From fictional cartoon characters such as shaggy doo to pop sensation Justin Bieber (ok let’s be fair Justin hasn’t worn the style much in his adult years)

Mop Tops in Pop Culture

We have great examples of the mop top in culture today, oh how could we forget Harry Styles Hair also being trademarked with his look, Paddy you’re not alone.

History of the Mop Tops: Outside of Beatles bringing it to the forefront the style was actually an act of teenage rebellion against the former smart casual styles worn by previous generations.

Many ’60s bands wore it until the end of the decade which saw men’s 70s hairstyles favour the mullet.

Ideal Hair type: Type 1 or Type 2 (Straight/Wavy Hair)

Step 1: Ensure your hair is trimmed just before the eyebrow level to create your fringe which is the most important part of the Mop Top.

Step 2: Trim hair on back and sides with a fade, starting with 1/2 inch then use barber scissors to level hair on back and sides.

Step 3: Ensure sideburns are shaved up to the earlobe level. Whilst most people with this style prefer to not have sideburns showing it is completely optional, however the traditional mop top covers the sideburns.

Step 4: Style your fringe by using a wide tooth comb in the direction you prefer, straight down the middle or to either side. You can part it a bit to the side too.

Step 5: For the rest of the hair ensure you comb on the centre of the top of your head and run it down the hair length. This ensures you level out the look.

Again we can’t stress enough that the key to pulling off this hairstyle is to get your barber to layer off your hair and do it for you.

This style works predominately on straight and wavy hair.

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