The Best Owen Wilson Hair Styles

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Having been credited in over 80 TV and Film projects has meant we have seen various Owen Wilson hair styles in support of characters he’s portrayed on the big screen.

Some of these reoccurring styles have included his,

  • Side Bangs + Messy Fringe
  • Blonde Curtains Hairstyle
  • Layered Shoulder Length

Constant hairstyle changes are a part of an actors job description which can sometimes be very drastic, take his permed hair for example in the movie Paint!

Our editorial will not only focus on his signature look but we will also look at hairstyles he’s done in support of movie roles.

Owen Wilson Hair Type

Owen Wilson’s natural hair type is straight blonde hair which has no curl pattern at all.

Owen Wilson Hair Type

We estimate his hair ranges between 1B to 1C.  The texture although straight tends to be coarser than other Type 1 hairstyles.

This hair type is also less prone to damage which allows for the actor to constantly undergo hair changes with minor risk.

The Best Owen Wilson Hair Styles

Side Bangs + Messy Fringe

We could identify Owen from miles away if our vision only focused in on his signature side bangs since this is the style he’s best known for.

Owen Wilson Hair in side bangs

At any given moment his hairstyle quickly turns into a messy fringe and with a quick swept to the left of right we get his signature look again.

In addition to this we have seen him feature in various critically acclaimed movies sporting the side bangs of messy fringe.

Its also the look we saw throughout one of his biggest movies to date, yes you guessed it, wedding crashers!

Blonde Curtain Hairstyle

Simple dividing his fringe in the middle and creating a middle parting naturally creates the curtain hairstyle which has also alternates between.

Blonde Curtain Hairstyle

If his forehead is not being covered by his side bangs or fringe its on full display thanks to the curtains hairstyle.

What was once known as a prominent hairstyle in the 90s would see a massive revival amongst male celebrities. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Keanu Reeves Hair certainly takes credit for its 2nd life.

Curtains can either be hair straight or wavy which tends to range in terms of volume.

Layered Shoulder Length

To give hair a more voluminous look we often times see Owen styling his hair in layers at the shoulder length level.

Layered Shoulder Length

Layered hair involves the process of cutting it in such as way which creates different hair lengths that blend together.

More often than not it will feature hair that is short in the front that gradually gets longer towards the middle and back.

Permed Hair

Whilst we have seen various Owen Wilson hairstyles for different supporting roles his permed hair may be one of the most experimental it’s got!

Owen Wilson hair permed

In the movie paint Owen portrays Robert Norman Ross who wore his hair in a perm which is reflected throughout the movie.

 Perming has involved a process in which chemicals are placed into hair to change texture from straight to curly.

As we stated in the hair type section Owens hair is straight with no curl pattern therefore this is the process it underwent to achieve this look.

Extended Gallery

Owen Wilson hairstyle

Key Take Away: Have a Signature Look

When you think Owen Wilson, what hairstyle comes to mind? Either the side fringe or bangs & that’s because of the consistency of this style!

  • A/B test your Haircuts
    Before you get your signature look you need to 1st find out what that is! Side bangs, quiffs, curtains, whatever hairstyle looks best on you!
  • Consistency
    Selecting the hairstyle is the 1st part, consistency is the 2nd which is vital if you want to make it your signature look. When you style hair in a particular way often its how people begin to identify you.
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. When it comes to product use the best but remember less is more, you don’t need to purchase different hair products all the time. Just find out what works best.

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