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Kid n Play hair is a direct reflection of Hip Hop hairstyles becoming mainstream! The Faded high top grew simultaneously with Hip Hop during the 90s and we have the duo as well as others to thank for that!

Prior to the faded High top young African Americans were predominantly styling their hair in Jheri Curls throughout the 80s, that is until we saw rappers in the early 90s style their hair this way.

This not only became a popular hairstyle within the black community, but a signature look for the duo as well as black youth globally.


Kid n Play Hair discussed on Oprah

The duo made an appearance on Oprah’s network for an interview in which they discussed the influence of this hairstyle! Check it out below



Kid n Play in House Party

What really propelled the faded high top to new heights were their classic feature films.

house party kid n play

Kid ‘N Play have starred in five feature films, all of them based around hip hop culture and themes which allowed the duo to consistently showcase their hairstyles.



Kids Hair

Seven-inches, tall & vertical hi-top fade made Kids appearance hard to go unnoticed. The taller high top of the duo whilst also having one of the tallest cuts in Hip Hop, Kid made it a signature look further drawing attention to the group.

faded hightop

Outside of the flat top we also saw Kid try different hairstyles in House Party 3 with twists.

Today however he can be seen in short curls, or a buzz cut.


Plays Hair

Play on the other hand was more experimental with his hair whilst keeping the high top fade. We saw him style his hair with side partings, twists, and dye on the sides.

kid n play hairstyles

Today he has a similar hairstyle as he did in the 90s with the difference being his hair is in sponge twists.

kid n play hairstyles



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