How to Get Rid of Tie Stains

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The necktie is a focal piece of ensemble and this one staple accessory has defined the gentleman look for centuries. While stains on the tie presents an unkempt appearance, we have provided solutions on how to get rid of tie stains when these situations occur.

To ensure you get the most value from your tie proper care and treatment must be applied. Not only will this uplift your appearance, but it will allow your tie to last for a longer duration. Our editorial examines the best ways to clean stains from the different fabrics dependent on the stain and amount.


Things to Remember Before We Explore Methods to Keeping Ties Clean

How to get rid of tie stains

This is the most sought-after question when it comes to keeping them cleaned and organized.

Cleaning ties poses a unique challenge, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn to professional help for every small thing. A little know-how can save you from expensive laundry bills and help you restore the original look of your tie. But, before moving ahead, you need to consider certain things. So, let’s quickly start:

Everyday Maintenance                      

When you get back from work or any formal activity, don’t rush to remove your tie. Carefully removing your tie will ensure the quality stays intact for longer. Don’t pull the thin end; otherwise, it will ruin its shape. Instead, take it off by following the reverse order of tying it. Moreover, never leave the knots when you aren’t using it. It leaves permanent creases that can make it difficult to get rid of the grime and dirt on it. Also, it makes you look unkempt.

Storing Your Ties: How to Get Rid of Tie Stains

Another important aspect for you to consider is how you store your ties. Remember that ties are delicate and lose their shape when kept badly.

As soon as you remove your tie, hang it so that the creases fall out. Keep them organized and we recommend you use a tie hanger or rack to store them because it better retains the shape. Check our Tie Hanger Organiser Rack recommendation.

Having a Rotation of Quality Ties

Essentially the purpose of having a rotation of ties is to use each tie a minimum amount of times which results in longer lasting quality. Your tie rotation should range from shape, size & colour. Also, frequent washing of ties leads to colour fading and makes the fabric fragile. So, make sure that you have enough ties so that you don’t stress about outfits. It is frustrating, especially when you have to be prepared for the week.


Different Tie Fabrics and How to Get Rid of Tie Stains

Brands and retailers sell ties in multiple colours, sizes and fabrics therefore giving you an abundance of options. Each of these ties will require their own care method which we will share with you below.


Linen is a resistant fabric that can boil. To keep it intact wash linen ties in 60°c for whites and 40°c for coloured. Also, don’t use a dryer; instead, let it air dry, but under the shade, because long exposure to sunlight may lead to discolouration. Moreover, linen wrinkles easily as compared to other fabrics, you need to use a lot of steam and high temperature to get rid of the creases.


Wool shrinks and becomes matted when washed, which makes the wool fibres felt. The reason behind this is continuous fluctuation in water temperatures and agitation. So, we recommend you not to use a washer; instead, hand wash wool ties and use cold water to wash it. It doesn’t cause friction and keeps the original structure and looks intact.


Cotton is the easiest fabric to maintain and clean as it can endure high temperatures.

You can use 60°c for white cotton and 40° for colourful fabrics. Follow a delicate drying method to dry cotton ties as it can ruin the natural structure of the fabric. It is slightly difficult to get rid of the creases; so, you can use high temperatures to iron it.


Silks are soft, delicate, and beautiful and you don’t want to mess with it for sure. So, here’s how to get rid of ties stains easily from a silk tie. The best way to get rid of stains is to use fabric protectants, but in case you forget to apply it in advance then you can take the help of a professional.

Quick question – Can you wash a silk tie?

Yes, you can. However, if you are washing it yourself, you can use a cotton ball dipped in the rubbing alcohol and apply it over the stain. Never machine wash silk ties, instead, use spot treatment only and water temperature should be cold.


When it comes to knitted ties, you can rely on the spot treatment to do the job. Mop the stain with a clean handkerchief soaked in soap water. Don’t use chemicals as they can easily fade away the colour. Also, don’t machine wash; instead, dry clean it. Make sure you go to quality dry cleaners and ask them how they iron ties because a little carelessness can ruin the fabric.


Polyester fabric is hard that can stand machine wash with low water temperature. So, you can easily wash it at home as there is no dry cleaning required. Also, use low temperature to dry it. Make sure you don’t iron the tie without getting the stain completely out, because the heat may settle the stain on the fabric forever.


How to Get Rid of Tie Stains That are Toughest to Deal With?

We know you love your ties and want them to look nice and clean. But what if you happened to get an ugly, hard-to-get-rid-off stain? In that case, you should know power ingredients that can wash off the stain

Oil and Grease

If your favourite tie is ruined due to oil or grease stains, it could be challenging to remove it. You need to put in a little effort to remove such stubborn stains. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a thin layer of Borax over the stain, or corn starch or talcum powder.
  • Let it absorb the stain.
  • Use a towel to wipe off the layer of Borax or whatever you use.

Repeat the same steps till you get rid of the stain.

Ketchup & Sauces

Want to know how to get rid of tie stains that are caused due to your messy eating habits? Let us tell you.

To remove ketchup/sauce stain, lift the content with a knife immediately. Apply lemon juice on the stain directly and rub it using your fingers. Next, run this tie under the cold running water to completely remove the stain.


When removing fresh ink stains, never use water as it spreads out the stain more. Let the ink dry out and then dab a cotton ball, sponge, or rag soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. Keep doing it till the stain disappears completely.

Wine & Juices

If it is a fresh stain of wine or juice, use table salt directly on the stained area. It will absorb a good amount of wine and juice. If the stain is big then you may resort to professional help.

When spills happen, the solutions aren’t always in our immediate reach; so, the above-mentioned remedies can be used straight to mitigate the issue to some extent. The rest of all depends on your maintenance and routine cleaning. So, now that you know how to get rid of tie stains use it on the filthiest stain and let us know how it worked for you.

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