The Best Bryce Harper Hair Moments (Ranking + Gallery)

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The interest around Bryce Harper Hair styles has resulted in sponsorships with cosmetic brands, having his looks covered by the sports media whilst supporters search for his grooming routine.

Since his MLB debut in 2012 we have seen various hairstyles from the athlete such as his,

  • Buzz Cut + Fade
  • Pompadour
  • Medium Length
  • Comb Over
  • Undercut + Fade
  • Manbun
  • Long Hair
  • Perm

Our editorial covers the various hairstyles we have seen Bryce alternate between which includes our gallery.

Here are the Best Bryce Harper Hair Moments

Buzz Cut + Fade

Verdict – Pass 😊

The no fuss no nonsense haircut, the buzz cut! The all around even haircut creates the natural masculine demeanour which we see the athlete going for here.

bryce harper hair in a buzz cut

Since the nature of this haircut is simple we can see Bryce adding the temple fade to give it more detail.

The subtle nature of the temple fade creates a big difference and we mean BIG difference!

Yes even with the buzz cut as low as its trimmed down his faded sides are shorter which creates the difference!


Verdict – Pass 😊

What better way to make a statement than to grow your hair into pompadour level status, fade the sides and curve a line in!

bryce harper in a pompadour

The classic pompadour is known for its length, volume and high shine which is immediately apparent with the image above.

To further highlight his pompadour we saw Bryce feature in the Blind Barbers marketing campaign video which centres around his grooming routine and pompadour.

Bryce Harper Hair Clay should help you achieve your goals – We really should be getting commission from this (-_-)

Medium Length

Verdict – Pass 😊

At the medium hair length point we’re able to see the full texture and hair type of the athlete which is thick wavy hair.

medium length hair

We predict his hair ranges between 2A and 2B, which is identifiable by his loose wavy s shape curl. Within this range begins to create loose waves from the midpoint towards the ends.

We have included another image of the athlete which allows us to see his medium length wavy hair from the back angle. It also features Fernando Tatis Jr Hair at medium dreadlock length.

long hair in MLB

Comb Over

Verdict – Pass 😊

As the saying goes, “the devils in the detail” and were able to identify this when it comes to the comb over which features his distinctive side parting.

bryce harper hair with side parting

In principle the hairstyle is similar to the quiff or even a pompadour with the main differentiator being that hair his then directed to either side which creates a parting.

The combover as with all hairstyles we see Bryce doing features his complimentary faded sides which creates the contrast look.

Wanting a matte finish and higher hold then Hair Clay is your option, looking for a super high shine and wet finish then gels your friend!

Undercut + Fade

Verdict – Pass 😊

The contrast is what ultimately creates the statement look, his hair being left long on top with faded sides draws attention to the overall look.

wavy undercut

Ask your barber to take some of the weight out of your hair when cutting to ensure your locks flow and keep the contrast looking distinct, that’s where the money is 😉

The undercut and fade will require biweekly maintenance as hair begins to grow out, fortunately for Bryce who has personal barbers on retainer he’s able to keep the style intact, always.


Verdict – Pass

The beauty long hair gives you is options and this is clear to see as Bryce uses his long hair to create other unique styles, enter the manbun.

bryce harper hair in top knot pony tail

We can see that his manbun has been formed from his undercut hairstyle which he grew out a little longer and ties into a knot to create the look.

We didn’t pass this look as we prefer short to medium Bryce harper hairstyles, but to be fair he has passed the majority of decisions.

Outside of the style not being our favourite it has a great deal of practical benefits, Low Maintenance and clears face from any distraction which lasts as long as you need it too.

Long Hair

Verdict – Not our favourite but it works

During his long hair era we were able to see his long wavy hair touching his shoulders which were always accompanied by his head band.

long hair

Yes were not the biggest Bryce long hair advocates however we can appreciate the versatility it gave the athlete, from the ponytail to man bun we saw it all.

To give the appearance of volume and hair density trying layering your hair. This helps remove weight, create shape, movement and texture.


Verdict – Pass 😊

Curly hair Bryce? Now that’s an interesting look and one we can all agree on, but how did he achieve this look? The perm!

permed hair

During a contest giveaway for a free haircut with omaze we saw Bryce in his permed hair which essentially is how men with straight and wavy textures achieve a curlier bouncy look.

The one consistent about this style, yeah you guessed it, his skin fade! It doesn’t matter what hairstyle we see him in, trust and believe he’ll have his fade!

Yes perms can be achieved in the comfort of your own home, however we prefer that you see a professional for this.

How to get the Perm

  1. Dampen Hair and comb so it straightens!
  2. Trim the ends
  3. Ensure hair is washed and cleaned

3a. Professional Hairstylist to take over at this point!

  • Place rollers in your hair
  • Apply the permanent perm solution and leave in hair for 20 mins.
  • Rinse out the solution out thoroughly.
  • Apply the neutralizer into hair.
  • Remove your curling rods.
  • Dry your man perm and thank us later.

Bryce Harper Hair Flip

Bryce Harper Hair Flip

Key Take Away: Have a Grooming Routine

The reason you researched this page is because you’ve been inspired by his look and that only comes about by having a hair and beard routine which needs to be followed.

Here what you’ll need to do

  • Find the Right Conditioner and Shampoo
  • Don’t Overuse Product (Less is Product)
  • Trim Split Ends as hair gets longer.
  • See a professional when it comes to colouring.
  • Eat nutritious based food.

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