The Best Jonah Hill Hair Moments (Gallery)

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With acting credits in over 60 TV & Film projects has inevitably meant various Jonah Hill Hair Styles in support of characters he’s portrayed on the big screen.

His hairstyles have ranged from the following,

  • Buzz Cut
  • Crew Cut
  • Quiff Hair
  • Blonde Hair
  • Pink Hair
  • Grown Out

As a result of making one of the biggest body transformations the interest around fitness has extended to his grooming habits with a particular focus around his hairstyles.

Our gallery discusses his current signature hairstyle, his hair type as well as a gallery of his previous styles.

Gallery of all Jonah Hill Hair Styles

Buzz Cut

Jonah can be seen in the traditional buzz cut which is cut all to one level across his entire head. There are many variations of the haircut, and we see him keep it classic.

Jonah Hill Hair in a buzz cut

The modern buzz cut would typically feature shaved in patterns and symbols or faded sides which compliments the overall look.

Since his body transformation and weight loss we get to see a much leaner face and with minimal hair on top a large focus is then placed on his profile.

Jonah’s jaw now on display thanks to the weight loss and buzz cut! It’s simple, low maintenance and accentuates the masculine demeanour.

Crew Cut & Faded Sides

The next phase from the buzz cut is the crew cut as hair begins to grow out as we can see from the image below. We also get to see his natural hair texture.

Jonah Hill Hair in crew cut

The crew cut is complimented by his faded sides as it adds a contrast to the look whilst making hair on the top appear more voluminous.

Our next image demonstrates his fade and crew from a side profile angle, also featuring in the image is future dreads.

crew cut from side view

This fade is considered a high temple fade. In this particular style Jonah Hill hair has been cut highly above his ear and slightly gradually behind it.

It’s the 1st thing you notice about the look and something that is maintained with a regular weekly visit to the barbers.

Quiff Hair

Thick quiff, shaved sides and a blended beard is one of his most sophisticated looks and its apparent he read the room as it makes its appearance on the red carpet.

Jonah Hill Hair in a quiff

His thick brushed-up front in combination with his shaved sides makes his hair look fuller and denser, something that we envy if were honest!

His hair stylist will use a blow dryer with the right amount of product for a natural hold. You’ll need some high quality hair wax (or mousse) for a similar quiff.

Blonde Hair

One of the most unexpected moments was his decision to bleach his hair blonde back in 2021.

Jonah Hill Hair in blonde

During an interview with GQ he states he love for constantly bleaching his hair therefore uses the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask to Deep Conditioner his hair.

Disclaimer: Applying any sort of chemical to your hair is a very risky job as this can lead to breakage or thinning if not done correctly, therefore we always recommend you use a professional.

Pink Hair

To make a creative statement we saw Hill debut his hot pink hair and social media went crazy for the look!

Jonah Hill Hair in pink

His hair colourist George Papnikolas explained that it was something that actor wanted to try for quite some time.

“He specifically wanted pink,” he says.

“The process started by lightening the hair to a pale blonde, then using the semi-permanent Matrix So Color Flamenco Fuchsia and Clear.”

Grown Out

Slicked back, wavy, and blonde! One of the best Jonah hill hair shots belongs to the image below.

grown out

His hair is completely bleached from the roots to the ends with no signs of his brunette new growth, with gel to slick down his frontal area and crown.

Extended Gallery

slicked back hair
combed back hair
blonde buzz cut

Key Take Away: Try New Styles

Jonah is not scared to try new hairstyles and nor should you!

  • Try Out New Hairstyles
    The worst thing you could do is have the same haircut your entire life, if you care about your appearance then you should want to try new things.
  • Select the Best Products
    Product selection comes down to ensuring what you use is best for your hair type. We advise its best to speak with the person that does your hair best products or make sure what you select works with your hair type.  
  • Be Consistent
    Once you’ve gone through the trouble of growing your hair for months, testing what works and what doesn’t you will eventually have your style, good! Now rock the look like you own it!

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