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In our gallery we have featured all XQC hair styles with his signature look being his wings haircut.

The Canadian Twitch streamer has gain fame and notoriety amongst the gaming community with a growing interest around his hairstyles. 


Our editorial covers XQC’s hair in its entirety!



XQC Hair Type

From the chart below we can see that XQC’s hair falls under the Type 1 category. His hair is straight and fine.

xqc hair type


Straight hair has no curl pattern but can often vary in thickness. We can see his hair falls on the thinner side and he often bleaches his hair.




Wings Hairstyle

XQC Hair can best be described as a wings haircut.


The haircut is typically wavy or straight which his tends to be and the length comes below his ears in most cases.

The hairstyle was popular among men in the 70s and 80s, mid-late 2000s, and has most recently gained traction due to the soft boy aesthetic and movement amongst young men.



Layering Wings

Now that you know what the style is how should you go about getting it? It comes to layering your hair.

  1. Before you start with the procedure ensure hair is clean!
  2. Ensure your hair is brushed and straightened all the way through
  3. Cut your hair at the front so the shortest layer should be the locks closest to your forehead and the hair behind should gradually get longer








Key Take Away: Have a Hair Routine & Maintenance

XQC keeps his hair simple and that’s always the best course of action once you have identified a signature look. Once this is the case ensure you

  • Select the best products for your hair type and use those when styling your hair, try not to mix products to often. (Products used when layering your hair)
  • Visit barbers when you need your hair layered, best to use a professional when it comes to this or a colourist when you want to bleach your hair
  • Moisturise your Hair (Use a hair spritz or leave in conditioner)



These tips can be applied to the other hairstyles featured within our editorial.


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