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This is an interview between myself (Bakez) and Hannah.

I took a liking to Hannah’s custom sneaker designs that i decided to interview her about the creative process. Check interview below

Why don’t you start by introducing yourself 

-What’s uppp! My name is Hannah and I am the creator behind the instagram account @wuuski. I custom make clothing pieces and sneakers for clients, and of course myself 🙂 

How did you get into customing sneakers 

About 4 years ago in 2014, I started going to thrift stores more and got into painting on my clothes. The same thing happened with sneakers, but it all comes down to me hating when other people are wearing the same things as me. So if I made it myself then I wouldn’t have to worry about that!

How would you describe your creative process

Very Fast-paced. When I comes to sneaker customs I allow my clients to either send me their sneakers, or allow me to purchase the sneakers for their customization. I like my process to be efficient but also a good quality paint job, so it’s all a balance of quality and time. 

Could you let me know your favourite piece of work and why

The donut AF1’s for sure. I made those in 2016, and they were actually my first AF1’s I’ve ever made for myself. (and yes, I actually wear them ALL the time and they’re really beat up hahaha.)

What inspires you to keep creating

I think it’s the fact that each custom is personal to the client. It could literally be whatever they want. And creating something specifically for someone else is honestly so dope and I love to see their reactions when they get the customs. 

What do you do when you feel uncreative or uninspired 

Make more sheeeit. I will usually just turn away from sneakers and work on a clothing piece for someone or myself. 

How do you think social media has influenced the custom shoe community 

Brooo. Social media. There’s so many creators from all over the world and so much insipristion and talent. There’s always new designs being creative, and as a community we are all so supportive cause we know how much goes into a pair of customs😂

What’s your biggest challenge?

Time management for sureee. Customizing sneakers isn’t my full time job, I have other jobs I work everyday and it gets so hard to keep up. But really you just have to use your free time wisely. 

What goals do you have moving forward

I have some goals, but I’m not gonna share them yeeet😬

Any advice to someone wanting to start customizing their sneakers. 

Dont get discouraged. It’s like anything and takes practice.   But everything is easier with good sneaker paint, I use Angelus Direct and I love it (shit not sponsored) haha. And really just knowing that the community is very supportive. 

( last question is a selfish question for myself )
It seems AF1 are a favourite to use when customising  sneakers. Why’s that?

To be honest, AF1’s are just super plain and simple, which allows so much to be done to them. (Right now though they are out of season and no stores have them so it sucksss)

Follow Hannah’s creative work here – instagram.com/wuuski

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