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Country music often celebrates rural life, Southern heritage, and a connection to nature. Long hair evokes all these elements which explains Willie Nelson Braids.

Various country singers have a laid-back and carefree attitude, which aligns with the down-to-earth persona that many country artists aim to convey.

Beyond aesthetic reasons our editorial will also unravel the practical reasons for his braids.

Why are Willie Nelson’s Braids Iconic?

When your braids appear on album covers in the 80s, various photoshoots, videos and generations still identify by your braids, that’s a recipe for icon status.

Willie Nelson's Braids

Its a visual trademark that he has maintained throughout his career, Interestingly enough the roots of Nelson’s braided hair date back to his childhood.

Raised by his grandmother, who had a knack for braiding, young Willie and his sister would have their hair braided by her.

This childhood practice would transition into his adulthood, he speaks about this in the interview

Why Does He Always Braid Them?

In an interview with Larry King he states he initially wore the braids to piss people off, to quote him

straight braids

“First time I started wearing braids I, saw Billy Joe shaver and in a studio in Nashville he said you look outrageous”

Willie laughed it off but he wasn’t joking about his dedication to the braids, 30 years later and there still going strong.

In addition to his petty side there are practical reasons for this as he stated, its length could easily poses challenges in daily activities.

Tasks like playing guitar, performing on stage, or simply going about daily routines could become hindered by the flowing locks. The decision to braid his hair serves a dual purpose as it keeps his hair manageable and neat.

What is his Grooming Routine?

Maintaining long hair like Willie Nelson’s requires proper care and grooming. Despite his rugged image, this length will require a proper grooming routine.  

He reportedly trims his hair’s ends regularly to prevent knots and tangles, ensuring that his iconic braids remain neat and well-maintained and that’s the price you pay when your hairs that long.

Extended Gallery

How Can I Get Willie Nelson Braids?

If you’re inspired by Willie Nelson’s iconic braids and want to emulate the look, the process is relatively simple.

Willie’s braids start from the back of his head, with sections of hair gradually woven into the braids.

His hair is straight at the front and middle sections, with the braiding process commencing from the back all the way until the ends.  

Achieving the Willie Nelson braids involves hair sectioning and braiding from the nape of the neck, creating the distinctive long braided strands that have become his signature.

Final Words

From his grandmother’s braids during his childhood to the iconic look he carries today, his braided hair embodies a sense of authenticity and individuality.

Beyond the aesthetics, his choice to braid his hair showcases practicality and dedication to his craft.

As fans continue to enjoy his music and performances, his braids serve as a visual reminder of the enduring impact he has made on country music and the world.

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