What to wear with Black Jeans

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Black jeans have distinctive advantages over other denim colours, for example black being a neutral colour allows versatility in your outfit options as it pairs great with all colours.

The colour black is also known for its slimming illusion as it reduces lighting cues to certain body parts which would be obvious to the eye in other colours, another reason consumers have black jeans as a staple item in their wardrobe.

While it’s important to note that not all black jeans are created equally as this denim colour comes in multiple variations from ripped jeans, faded styles, dye and different fittings we will still be able to show you what to wear with black jeans for your desired looks.


Here’s what to wear with Black Jeans

Our piece on black jeans will explore 2 main core areas

  1. Smart Outfits
  2. Casual Outfits

The smart outfits will include visual representations of how to work black jeans with smart formal looks while the casual outfits will explore the different creative options to style from athleisure, grunge, hipster, relaxed and general casual styles.

Both smart and casual outfits will feature multiple colours which should indicate what to wear with Black Jeans. This will also show you how versatile & creative you can be.


Smart Outfits


Wear Black Jeans with Blazer

black jeans with black blazer

While blazers are often paired with chinos black jeans are a great alternative to form a semi-formal look.

The beauty of black jeans lies in the fact that they are versatile enough to be worn for most occasions. Therefore, this allows us to create multiple different looks.

As the colour black is neutral meaning it will pair well with all colours, black jeans work great with black, navy, grey, maroon or beige blazers.

Our post How to Wear a suit jacket with jeans goes into depth on how to pull this off.



Wear Black Jeans with Overcoat

Black Jeans with Overcoat

The same principles apply to both the blazer and overcoat as they have been designed with the same structure, difference of course is that an overcoat is bigger. To suit your personal preference pair your black jeans with an overcoat or trench coat.  

Black jeans are complimentary to the overcoat as it ultimately creates a business casual look.  Finish of the look with black boots, watch and a slim fit shirt.

Remember that for all smart formal outfits your black jeans should be slim fitting with no rips.



Contrast Look

Contrast Look

To achieve a contrast look, ensure that your black jeans are paired with other black garments for example a black shirt, t shirt or jumper, black boots or shoes and a different colour overcoat such as beige.

By combining opposing colours from the colour wheel is what will allow you to achieve this high contrast look.

Another example could consist of black jeans, black shirt, black shoes, black tie and a dark grey suit jacket.


Wear Black Jeans with Shirt

black shirt

Black jeans paired with a plain shirt is great for both social and formal settings.

The option to accessorize this outfit with a watch and sunglasses is also available to you. 

Make sure that the shirt is plain as you want to avoid shirts with patterns that are more tailored for a semi casual look. Your shirt options range from Oxford button-down, office, or a men’s easy-care shirt.


Wear Black Jeans with Sweater

what to wear with black jeans style

To achieve a smart look with black jeans and a sweater will require a shirt to be worn underneath, preferably a v neck to show collar (Tie is optional)

A great example of this look would consist of black jeans, white shirt, chukka boots and a dark grey v neck sweater. These are all neutral colours and complimentary to each other.


All Black Everything

An all-black look creates a simple sophisticated look that is broken up by the garments contrasting fabrics. Ultimately this will give it more personality while preventing it from looking plain.

Try pairing your black jeans with a black overcoat, black shirt and black shoes. To really add the cool factor to your outfit pair with black sunglasses.

Today more men are opting for a clean minimal monochrome look which is best achieved with the colour black.



Casual Outfits


Black Jeans with Denim Jacket

denim jeans with denim jacket

Mid blue, black, dark grey or navy denim trucker jackets pair best with black denim jeans as each of the different shades of denim work seamlessly together. Pair with a plain white t shirt & simple silhouette sneakers for a clean look. (The same rules apply to the denim shirt)

With casual outfits the fitting of your black jeans can vary from slim to skinny.


Black Jeans with Leather Jacket

mens leather jacket

As the leather jacket is a statement piece it will need to be paired with other complimentary items which is why black jeans are the best option for this look.

Look 1 – Black jeans, faded t shirt, leather jacket (Rockstar look)
Look 2 – Black jeans, plain white t shirt, leather jacket (Clean Sophisticated)

You have the option to include a chained wallet with ripped jeans.


Grunge Fashion with Black Jeans

Grunge Fashion with Black Jeans

Grunge fashion which is influenced by the grunge music scene, punk rock & heavy mental came into popularity during the 80s and is still worn in contemporary times.

Staple pieces from the grunge culture to pair with black jeans will consist of flannel shirts or outdated t shirts.

To get started with this look head down to your nearest thrift store for vintage flannels and t shirts, pair with skinny black jeans and converses.


Bomber Jacket with Black Jeans

bomber jacket with black jeans

The bomber jacket is the perfect solution when thinking about what to wear with black jeans during summer evenings, autumn and winter seasons.

Minimalist detailing at its finest, pair your black jeans with a soft suede bomber jacket. For a stand out look your bomber jacket should be a light colour tone, for example light taupe.

You have the option to pair this outfit with sneakers or Chelsea boots.


Overcoat with Black Jeans

overcoat casual

Although the overcoat is mostly associated with formal wear it can be styled for semi casual outfits. To achieve a semi casual look pair your black jeans with a dark grey  or black overcoat, long sleeve polo  or turtleneck with black Chelsea boots. The fitting of your jeans can be slim or skinny.


Overshirt with Black Jeans

overshirt with black jeans

In our opinion the best overshirts are the Military inspired ones which feature chest pockets & chipped metal buttons similar to army gear.

This overshirt is a style which has been crafted with heavy cotton that compliments the denim fabrics.

Feel free to style your overshirt buttoned up or without for versatile looks. Ripped jeans, slim, skinny or relaxed all work well with this look.  


Black Denim Shorts

Black Denim Shorts

In response to the summer season black denim shorts are your answer. For extra comfort we recommend soft denim which can be styled with most casualwear.

Black denim shorts come in different variations from skinny to slim, rolled-up hems, fading and distressed jeans.

Ensure your denim shorts are worn with sneakers!


Casual Leisurewear

The following looks do not require descriptions therefore we have compiled the following images to represent each look.

Look 1 – Hoody

Look 2 – Plain T shirt

Look 3 – Plain Sweatshirt and Boots

Look 4 – Polo Shirt (Long & Short Sleeve)


What to wear with Black Jeans (Guideline)

Now that you have visual reference points demonstrating what to wear with black jeans we have put some guides together for you to follow.


  • Invest in High Quality Jeans
    Purchasing high quality black jeans will allow you to own them for a long period of time as opposed to cheaper qualities with will be subject to wear, tear and fading.
  • Ensure Correct Fitting
    Dependent on your outfit your black jeans should be the correct fit, for example smart outfits should be slim & skinny while casual outfits can range from skinny, slim, relaxed to taper.
  • Have a Rotation
    Its to have a rotation of black jeans to ensure your wearing the same pair for your different outfits. In addition to investing in high quality jeans this will further ensure you own them longer. Start off with 2 pairs and gradually increase as you see fit.Your rotation should include formal and informal styles i.e slim fit and distressed jeans.
  • Avoid Fading your Black Jeans
    To achieve this then ensure your jeans are inside out when going to be washed, use cold water and detergent that’s created for dark fabrics.More about that here – How to keep Black Jeans Black
  • Footwear
    When it comes to footwear and black jeans boots is your best choice for formal outfits while sneakers should be reserved for casual styles.

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