Virgil Abloh Height (With Visual Comparisons)

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Virgil Abloh Height was recorded at 6’2 making him several inches taller than the average American male during his life.

Our editorial will compare his stature against various celebrities within music, sports and entertainment which should give you a full perspective on his height.




Virgil Abloh Height Comparison

Various moments were created at the LV Menswear Spring/Summer 2019 show as we got to see Virgil stand beside various celebs and were starting with Kanye.

How tall is Virgil Abloh

Kanye’s height at 5’8 makes him one of the shortest rappers in Hip Hop and the contrast between himself and Virgil is clear to see.

For further context Kanye slightly under the average height whilst Virgil is several inches over.



Next we can see him with Asap Rocky whose height ranges between 5’10 and 5’11.

celeb heights

Taking a closer look at the image we can see all parties have their feet level placed which provides an accurate perspective on their height



Lastly we can see Virgil with professional NBA player Russell Westbrook and its clear to see the pair are of a similar stature. The NBA records Russell Westbrooks height at 6’3.

Virgil Abloh height comparison

For further context the average NBA player stands at 6’6 which sees Russell a few inches below the average height.


A person’s height is primarily influenced by genetics which is a great indicator for their height and their offspring. Therefore it will be interesting to see how tall Virgil’s kids get at as they age.



Does Height matter in Show Business?

You know it DOES NOT MATTER! We could list a range of artists whether music or fashion who have made a name for themselves by creating moments, changing culture and adding value to the world.

Height does not play a part of how successful or impactful a person is within the world which is why Virgil is forever celebrated.



Youtuber Bio

Name: Virgil Abloh

Birth Date: September 30, 1980

Birthplace: Rockford, Illinois

Nationality: American

Profession: Designer/Entrepreneur



Final Words

There is a growing interest towards his life outside of design, with a specific focus on his height after his death and this is only natural as different things begin to trend about the designer in his absence, height being one of them. 

Virgil Abloh Height was recorded at 6’2


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