V Neck vs Crew Neck

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V neck vs Crew neck discussions are a result of personal preference with men preferring one over the other. Multiple brands today offer both variations for sale in t shirts, jumpers, and sweatshirts. Our editorial examines each one to help with your purchasing decision.


V Neck vs Crew Neck – Core Differences

Neckline, the top edge of a garment, is one of the most significant aspects of clothing. When chosen carefully, they help to frame the face, accentuate your body shape and create a stunning first impression.

As we stated the discussion around v neck vs crew neck is around personal preference and our only job is to examines both which we have done in this table.

Below is the table depicting the basic difference between the two. It will help you pick the one according to your physique and body shape. Take a look:

Basis of Difference

V Neck

Crew Neck


V neck has a V-shaped neckline hence the name.

Crew neck has a round-shaped neckline


Great for both formal as well as casual looks as it allows the visibility of shirt and tie.

The crew neck is considered for a more casual look as it doesn't allow the visibility of tie and shirt


Ideal for men wanting to show a portion of their physique.

Ideal for most outfits. Can be worn alone or under a shirt/jacket. Great as a regular, slim or oversize fit.

Our Advice

We advise v necks should be purchased as a jumper to compliment a shirt and tie.

Have a rotation of crew necks in different colors. This will allow you to wear as one piece or under a denim shirt, jacket, or jumper etc.


Why Choose a V Neck?

v neck vs crew image

V necks are great for showing the top half of your physique. It perfectly accentuates your broad chest and shoulders while adding some visual interest. Further, a v neck style makes the face and body appear toned, so if you want to have the slimming effect, go with the V-neck.

Occasions – V necks can be styled as both casual or formal wear.  


Why Choose a Crew Neck?

crew neck

A crew neck draws attention towards the upper part of the body, making it appear broad and well proportioned.

Occasions – Crew necks are ideal for casual occasions. They look best when you layer it with smart jackets, blazers, and coats. You can pair it up with a bomber jacket to make your holiday pictures more fun and interesting! Trust us, it is a versatile piece that offers an active and casual look effortlessly.


V Neck vs Crew Neck – History

Talking about the significance of the two necklines, the journey has been quite interesting. Donned in the 1990s by the languidly cool frame of the actor Matt Dillon was a V neck T-shirt that caught many eyes. They couldn’t get on the high streets of the U.K till 199os. Typically extending to the waist, many variants of V-neck have been developed till now.

On the other hand, crew-neck T-shirts were the earliest ones worn during Spanish–American war dating back to 1898. Later on, it became popular as a bottom layer of clothing after the U.S. Navy first issued them as undergarments in 1913. It was common for the sailors and Marines in work parties. As the t-shirt could be cleaned easily, it became the choice for young boys who often wear it casually when they play outside.

So, this is how both the shirts came into existence and became a part of our lives. Which one do you prefer, let us know in the comments below!


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