Different Types of Pants for Men

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The Men’s Fashion Industry continue to introduce stylistic, functional and seasonal pants, our job at Heartafact is to highlight all the different types of pants for men and their best suited occasion.

The UK & US menswear market is now a focal point for innovation and excitement which is reflected in the different types of pants for men. Innovative production methods are now standard practice when producing garments such as techwear & fabric blending pants.

Our editorial not only aims to show you the different types of pants for men but to also assist with your purchasing decision. The right pair of pants are a great investment! Were here to help.


All the Types of Pants for Men



best chinos for men

Chinos for the modern-day man should be a compulsory item. They are a great alternative to jeans as there more presentable for formal occasions while still being great for casual settings.

Usually crafted with cotton fabrics & cut in a neat slim taper fit resulting in the pants being suitable for the office, meetings, date nights, evening in the town or for a meet up with friends.

Occasion: Chinos work great in formal and casual environments. For formal wear pair your chinos with a shirt, blazer and boots. For casual wear pair your chinos with simple silhouette sneakers, t shirt and a denim jacket.

For more information our what are chinos editorial details the pants history, different types & how to style them.



types of pants

The cargo pants being very distinctive in appearance due to its multiple pockets, predominantly the side leg pocket is a great addition to the male wardrobe.

What’s interesting about the cargo pants is its original intended purpose being designed for military use. While the cargo pant is still used for its intended purpose the garment has become a fashionable item sold by multiple brands today.  

For a modern-day appearance cargo pants are usually crafted with a cotton and linen-blend, slim fitting while having 360 ultra-stretch fabric technology for flexibility.

Occasion:  Cargo pants will work best as casual wear on days consisting of constant movement and outdoor activities. Not for formal wear!


Formal Wool Pants

Wool Trousers for men

The traditional pair of smart trousers are crafted with quality wool blended fabrics, slim fitted and tailored to the individuals body type.

While the different types of Pants for Men featured on our list allow for versatility, wool pants are best styled with a matching blazer to make a 2-piece suit, shirt and formal shoes for a complementary look.

Featuring flat or pleated fonts, side pockets, taped hems, Side adjusters and back pockets. At some point men will need a pair of wool pants for formal activities. Ensure the proper care is applied to wool pants such as regular dry cleans.

Occasion: Suitable for all formal environments and activities such as work, meetings, weddings, formal lunches and dinner, interviews & formal events. Formal pants should only be worn in formal settings.


Denim Jeans

 Denim Jeans for men

Denim jeans remain one of the most prominent cultural garments worldwide while being indispensable to the modern man.

Coming in a range of colour shades, fitting and different brands, the denim pants allow for maximum versatility.

GQ’s Definitive Denim Guide details the history of denim, answers practical queries such as how to soften, shrink, care for & wash your denim.

Occasion: The beauty of denim jeans is that they can be worn at any given time. For formal settings ensure your denim jeans are dark and slim fitted. There are no restrictions regarding denim for casual settings.


Technical Joggers

Tech-Jersey pants for men

The demand for technical joggers is simultaneous with the popularity of athleisure in that men are opting to wear sports gear not only for the gym but for casual everyday life.

Technical joggers (some men’s track pants) are the go to option when looking to purchase pants for the gym which have moisture dissolving fabrics, breathable functions and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Occasion: Men’s track pants should be worn in the gym, for outdoor exercise or as casual wear.


Joggers/ Sweats

mens Sweatpants

Men today are opting for style without having to sacrifice on comfort which is why joggers are an essential item to any mans wardrobe.

A comfortable pair of joggers cut from soft cotton with elasticated waistbands provides you with a polished laid-back look, especially slim fitted joggers. You have the option to pair your sweats with a matching hoody to make a full set tracksuit. 

Occasion: Joggers are great for long flights, weekend errands, chilling at home with friends or a quick trip to the food store! Comfortable joggers are a great investment and we suggest you have a rotation.


Drawstring Trousers

Trimmed Jersey Drawstring pants

Drawstring trousers are the embodiment of a smart casual look for men.

Coming in a range of fabrics such as rayon, stretch-cotton, nylon, jersey cotton, or linen these are perfect if your looking to achieve a smart outer appearance with all day comfort which slim-tapered silhouettes allow you to achieve.

As the name suggests the drawstring on these pants for men are evident due to the length. You are free to tie the string or have them down, depending on your personal preference.

Occasion: The options to bring out drawstring trousers are endless, and we believe its best you use this for a smart casual appearance. Occasions such as cinema, hang outs, BBQs, relaxed events or road trips are perfect!


Linen Trousers

linen trousers

Crafted with linen fabrics as the name suggests allowing for comfort to meet style during the summer periods. Most of the linen trousers include a drawstring waistband while keeping the back elasticated for a contemporary look.

Its also worth pointing out that traditional linen trousers have been created with straight legs for a more relaxed look. We suggest proper care is applied to your linen trousers which will involve trips to the dry cleaners and stored well in the winter season.

Occasion: Linen trousers are the go-to pants for men on warm days due to its lightweight fabric. Ensure you take a pair or 2 with you when visiting hot countries on holiday, you will thank me later!


Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy pants

Our love for nostalgia-based clothing would explain why Corduroy trousers are a perfect choice to embody the vintage aesthetic.

Distinctive in style due to its strands of yarn patterns being twisted or woven together sets them apart from most of the pants on our list.

Providing an alternative style to traditional trousers with a rich heritage dating back to the 70s we believe you should own a pair as you never know when you might want to try a new look.

Occasion: Corduroy trousers are not restricted to specific occasions, feel free to wear them during casual settings or looking for a smart casual look.


Cropped Trousers

Types of Pants for Men

The sole purpose of cropped trousers is to provide a stand out look while drawing attention to your footwear.

While the option to have regular trousers cuffed at the leg, the cropped trousers allow you to select pieces with your preferred length which means no additional alterations will need to be made after your purchase.

Cropped trousers will work great with either boots, high top sneakers or low top sneakers.

Occasion: Best use of cropped trousers will be for informal dinners, events, hanging out with friends, bars or restaurants. While full length trousers are more formal you will be able to incorporate cropped trousers to form a smart casual outfit.


Pleated Trousers

Types of Pants for Men

Pleated trousers are identified by their intentional front creases on the pants, with a crease on each side.

What makes pleated trousers unique and different from the rest is the process of creating this effect, folding the fabric then attaching to the waistband to give it this simple detail.

The main difference is that in other traditional trousers the front of the material lies flat.

Pleated trousers are the solution for men wanting to wear their trousers above the hip to give it a higher rising look.

Occasion: Pleated trousers can be for smart casual or casual outfits, therefore best occasions will range from dinners, casual meet ups, city outings and events.  


Workwear Pants

Workwear garments worn by mechanics, coal miners and fieldworkers benefiting from sturdy heavy cotton fabrics for protection has been a great inspiration within the Men’s fashion industry and workwear pants are an example of the shift from utility-based clothing to a fashionable item.

Today’s men are choosing to purchase workwear pants as its focus is on fashion and function.

Occasion: Best for Skateboarding, Physical activities, outdoor activities, Painting, HOME DYI & Casual meet ups with friends.  


With brands now offering different types of pants for men you are going to find pieces which best align with your personal style.

Compulsory pants for men will include wool trousers, chinos, joggers & denim jeans as your bound to need 1 or 2 of these for different aspects of your life whether socially or formally.


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