Different types of Baseball Caps

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The baseball cap was introduced during the 18th Century which were worn exclusively by Baseball players to represent their respective teams. The caps during this period were made with wool and leather, today there are many different types of baseball caps coming in a range of designs, fabrics and styles.

As the 19th century approached the baseball cap began to move off the field and into the hands of the masses as an essential accessory.

It is evident that the baseball cap is now a global favourite and embedded in our culture with brands continuing to create new designs, musicians sporting the hat to match their outfits and represent their home town teams to Donald Trump using the Panel of the cap to communicate a political message.


Here are all the Different Types of Baseball Caps


Dad Cap

types of Baseball Caps


The term “Dad Cap “derives from men in their older years choosing this style of baseball cap over the standard snap backs or fitteds which were often associated with youth culture and streetwear.

Dads took a liking to the cap as they felt the need to dress their age and the Dad cap provided this option for them. Now the Dad Cap has become a viable option for young people and is associated to streetwear culture thanks to brands such as Ralph Lauren marketing the cap to younger crowds.

Comfortable, Adjustable strap and great for many outfit options, the Dad Cap is here to stay and one of the most popular baseball cap options.


Five-panel Cap

5 panel cap


The five-panel cap provides a different style baseball cap with its new patterns, low profile, crown fitting and adjustable strap. This cap in particular is largely associated with the sub culture skateboarding and has roots in performance cycling.

The five panel caps today are sold by multiple brands in all over prints (which is best in this style as opposed to the other caps) simple color tones and styles to match your preference.



snap back cap style

Today’s preference and arguably the most popular out of all types of baseball caps is the snapback. The name snapback comes from the snap strap at the back of the hat, however there are also strap back versions too.

The cap is associated with many sub cultures such as streetwear, hipster movements, skateboarding, hip-hop culture and worn as apart of athleisure.  

The snapback cap has been created to have both flat and curved visors, adjustable straps and great quality fabrics to allow the cap to last for years.

Aside from being a stylish item snapbacks also have practical benefits such as the sweat band fitted into the hat to keep your head dry in the heat.


Fitted Cap

fitted cap

The fitted cap is a classic silhouette style and is mostly associated with the brand New Era. Aside from being a staple item amongst baseball cap lovers the fitted has a range of other specifications which places it as a favourite such as

  • Structed front panels for stability
  • Flat Visors that can be curved
  • Closed back style
  • Tall broad profile

The fitted cap continues to be a favourite and there’s no better way to rep your favourite city or sports team. It should go without saying, DO NOT REMOVE THE STICKER from the visor of your fitted.


Trucker cap

trucker cap

When worn out the trucker cap may be the most noticeable from the list due to its mesh panel in the back. The mesh panel has been designed for comfort and breathable functions which is why the trucker has been a favourite for baseball cap lovers in the summer.

Favorited amongst musicians, athletes and everyone in-between, this cap is essential if your looking for a cool alternative look for summer, on holiday or to add to your collection of caps.

Features include

  • Multi-panel (100% Cotton & Mesh)
  • Adjustable snap closure
  • Curved Visor
  • Comes in a range of colors & designs


Wearing Baseball Cap Guidelines

In order to ensure your getting the most from your baseball caps we have decided to list down some guidelines for you to follow.

-Wash your Cap!
Contrary to popular belief caps do need to be washed. Lucky for you we show you how to wash a baseball cap properly here.

-Keep the Sticker on!
As a part of tradition baseball cap lovers do not remove the sticker from the visor, so ensure you keep this on!

-Do Not wear with Formal Clothes!
Baseball Caps should only be worn with casual outfits and streetwear. Do not pair your baseball caps with smart casual, smart or business attire. It will not go together.

-Select the Right Size!
Ensure you have the right size cap, nothing worse than a cap fitting to big or small

Baseball caps were designed to be worn frontwards, the caps can also be worn backwards just ensure it suits you! Do not wear the cap sideways what so ever!!!

-Buy a Cap Carrier
Investing in a cap carrier is one of those things that might not seem important until you own one to appreciate the benefits. To ensure you preserve the quality of your baseball cap keep them stored well with your cap carrier.


Final Word

Now that you know all the different types of baseball caps you can make a better-informed decision on what best aligns with your personal style.  

Our advice when it comes to baseball caps is to purchase 3 or 4 so that you have a good rotation enough to pair with your outfits creating different looks.

The history of Baseball caps is an interesting one as made evident in this piece by Vogue – History of Baseball Caps ( Vogue)



How do I choose a baseball cap?

Choosing a baseball cap ultimately comes down to your personal preference, this article lists all the different types of baseball caps for you to pick the one that best aligns with your personal style.

Secondly the cap you choose should be well fitted to your head and you determine this by how well it rests above your ears and head. The crown of your cap should fit your head perfectly without leaving to much gap or feeling to tight.


Should a baseball cap cover your ears?

A baseball cap should not cover your ears & if it does this is an indicator that you have the wrong size. As a rule of thumb the baseball cap should rest comfortably above your ears. Some people choose to have their ears stick out however this is for you to decide what looks best.


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