Tyler the Creator Height (Proof & Measurements)

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Tyler the Creator Height has been recorded at 6’1. Whilst he doesn’t make the tallest rappers list he towers over his contemporaries.

Tyler’s past tweets surrounding his height has caused confusion around his true measurements. Some believe him to be 6’3 whilst others believe that he’s 6 feet.

Check out our visual imagery for comparisons of Tyler’s height.



Tyler the Creator Height Comparison

Whilst Tyler doesn’t make the tallest rappers list At 6’1 he certainly towers over the average American male as well as his peers, evident by the image with Rocky below.

How Tall is Tyler the Creator

Taking a closer look at the image we can see all parties have their feet placed on the ground which provides an accurate perspective on their height.


During Fashion Week in Paris we saw Tyler make an appearance along with Kanye and Pharrell who are both on the shortest rappers list and the difference in stature is clear. Both Pharrell and Kanye stand at 5’8

Tyler the Creator Height Comparison


Lastly we can see Tyler stood beside Jay-z and one thing which is common knowledge is Jay-z’s height. Standing at 6’2 means jay also towers over most of his peers including Tyler himself.

Tall Rappers

He has bragged about his height on songs and often times seen with some of the tallest athletes during court side which has caused curiosity around his height since he appeared a few inches shorter.



Does Height Matter in Hip Hop

Since his debut fans have often focused on Tyler’s non traditional approach to Hip Hop music with little attention to his height and appearance.

We understand that tall men tend to get attention from women since it signals strength and masculinity but it has nothing to do with quality music.

We have representation from both tall and short rappers who have made a global impact which is proof that height doesn’t play a part in one’s success.


Artist Bio

Name: Tyler Gregory Okonma

Birth Date: 6 March 1991

Birthplace: Hawthorne, California

Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 2008

Net worth: 20 – 50 Million

Albums: 6 Studio Albums



Final Words

Our editorial should now put all misinformation surrounding Tyler the Creators height to rest. Many websites claim the rapper to be 6’3 which is not the case and the evidence proofs this.  Tyler is 6 foot 1.



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