The Best Tyler the Creator Hair Moments

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Let’s play the word association game, when we say “Tyler the Creator Hair” what comes to mind?

  • The Igor Blonde Wig
  • Leopard Print Hair
  • Bleached Blonde hair
  • Afro hair

You most probably think of them all and that’s because Tyler doesn’t have a signature hairstyle.

Throughout his career he has used his hair as a canvas for art and expression, evident by the multitude of styles were going to show within our editorial.



Here are the Best Tyler the Creator Hair Moments



The Igor Blonde Wig

Along with the release of his Igor album we saw Tyler debut his IGOR character within the earthquake music video.

tyler the creator wig

Wearing a platinum-blonde wig, sky-blue suit, and polished shoes we were able to get a sense that Tyler wanted to create a moment using unconventional methods to do so.

Outside of the music video we have seen him sport the wig at live concerts to further bring the character to life.

igor wig

The moment reminds us of Andre 3000’s blonde wig, another great example of an artist using unconventional ways to spark conversation, intrigue, and interest.  



Leopard Print Hair

Somewhere in between the most outlandish Dennis Rodman hair moments and Yung Joc’s perm lies Tyler the creator’s leopard print hairstyle.

First debuted at the 2018 Grammy awards we saw Tyler debut his Leopard Print look.

tyler the creator hair in leopard print

This was immediately noticed having removed his Ushanka whilst he began to brush his hair. Paparazzi went crazy over the moment, and it’s been well documented as one of his most stand out moments.


So much so that GQ decided to recreate the look within the video below.


Professional colourist Jackson Heller takes his experimental style to new heights. Should you want to achieve a similar look ensure your in safe hands with a hand colourist!




Bleached Blonde hair

What other way to make a statement than bleach your hair blonde? And if there’s anybody more likely to do it, its Tyler.

tyler the creator hair in blonde

Once the image was shared online multiple social media and reddit discussions took place, however we didn’t expect anything less from the rapper.

We seem to notice a common theme amongst rappers who dye their hair, each one of them tends to end up being experimental with blonde, were not sure why but it looks dope!




When he’s not bleaching his entire hair, wearing wigs or putting animal print Tyler keeps it fairly simple alternating between his buzz cut and afro.

 afro and pick

Throughout his career we have seen his hair style relatively low with the buzz cut, however on occasion he will grow out his afro and place a pick on the sides of his hair! In true Tyler the creator fashion!

Before the colouring of his entire head he only did the top whilst leaving his natural hair colour at the bottom, something you could give a try too.

Hard to have a Tyler the Creator Hair list without some colourful features, right?



Final Words

Tyler may not be as outlandish when it comes to hairstyles as some of his peers, however he’s certainly up there.

At this point we can almost guarantee you he will change his hairstyle in the attempt to further create shock value entertainment and when he does, we’ll be adding that to our list!

Should you be inspired by any of the looks above we advise you speak to a hairstylist and colourist to discuss your desired look. Doing it yourself could lead to some serious damage!



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