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Since making the headlines as the top basketball prospect from UCLA the Tyger Campbell Hair discussion has been highlighted at the same rate as his athleticism and its evident to see why.

The athlete can be seen sporting his very distinctive thick freeform dreadlocks which our editorial will take a detailed look into.

How & When did Tyger Campbell Hair form to Dreads

tyger campbell hair throughout the years

How: His hair formed into dreads through the freeform method.

The true essence of freeform dreads is not separating your hair at all, in other words hair forms and matts together naturally which we can see above.

When: From our archive images we can see Tyger’s hair began to matt together and create freeform dreads around 2014, prior to this his hair was in a thick afro.

Detailed Look

Knot nation does an amazing job documenting the evolution of Tyger’s dreads. We are able to see the transition his hair has undergone.

The distinctive nature of his dreads has seen fans taunting him during game time often yelling remarks to cut his hair. Sometimes going to the extent holding up signs.

“I don’t know how many grown men heckle another man about their hair, that’s weird,” said his mother Jennifer Krekeler-Campbell. “But, they do.”

In the process of this he ignores the unruly fans with the focus to become the best point guard on the court.

The LA times covered the story in more detail for those of you interested in reading about his hair trials and tribulations.

UCLA point guard Tyger Campbell responds to offensive hair taunts

Tyger Campbell Hair Gallery


Campbell hadn’t cut his hair since the fifth grade, which would result in his notorious big afro, the foundation for his dreads


“He literally hated haircuts,” his mother Jennifer said in 2018.

Matting Process

As we have already mentioned Tyger began his dreadlock journey by not manipulating hair at all. His afro was left to combine together and form naturally into dreads.

matting hair

A similar matting process is the semi freeform dreads which involves hair being manipulated at the start of the hair journey to select the size of the persons locks and parting system then to be left alone to grow and matt. A great example of this would be J Cole Dreads.

Tyger Campbell hair transition


Today we see his head thick, big and mature which bleach dye at the ends of some locks.

tyger campbell dreads and hair

Whilst he has years of growth he continues to ensure they are healthy and well looked after.

There is a massive misconception around freeform dreads which is that they are dirty and unkempt and while this can be the case for some it’s not the general rule.

Tyger Campbell dreadlocks

The same way these beliefs could apply to someone with loose hair.

Freeform dreads have to be washed and maintain to ensure all year round health.

Do your research if you want similar Dreads

The most important things at the initial stage will be undergoing research of the style you want and allow it to inspire you whilst also understanding your results will be unique.

Bob Marley Dreads serve as the blueprint for freeform dreads and what most people think about with regards to this hair style.

Tyger may have been inspired by the late singer but his journey is personal and unique.

We should also mention that its best you avoid placing any colour or bleach in your hair for the first few months as your hair begins to develop.

Talk to a loctician and get a Consultation

Talking to a loctician is our best advise! Whilst freeform dreads don’t require a regular maintenance routine remember hair will still need to be washed and checked to see its health, that’s where a loctitian comes in.

During the consultations locitians will be able to have a closer look at your hair type, discuss process, hair products to use and avoid and parting systems.

Ensure you save the images of your desired style to your loctician and explain what you’re looking for.

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