Tyga Braids (Detailed Look)

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The Tyga Braids conversation is one which continues to happen even years after his obvious hair transplant.

Reason being? At the start of his career Tyga’s hairline seemed to be receding at an accelerated rate by the year, with a thinning crown. Today however his hair now dangles down to his face. With this hair transformation we have decided to take a detailed look at Tyga’s hair covering his hair transplant and some of the styles he alternates between.

Tyga Hair Transplant

tyga hair transplant

Prior to his thick braids dropping down to his face Tygas hairline was receding and this was evident by the corners of his hair line.

Based on his appearance with before and after photos this is clear and evident he underwent surgery procedures and were here for it. We believe look good feel good.

While there have never been any official documents released to the public regarding the procedure a quick glance at the images above should provide you your answers. Speculation is over.

In addition to this fellow rap star Tory Lanes revealed in an interview with Hip Hop DX that he asked for Tygas doctors contact information so he could restore his own hairline.

Tyga Braids (Multiple Styles)

We have broken down the Tyga Braids hairstyles which range from twists, cornrows and braids in colour

Twists (Signature Look)

With a successful hair transplant procedure out of the way Tyga has been free to explore with multiple different hairstyles.

The twists has been his go to signature look which has a slight subtle appearance in comparison to braids. Braids include the involvement of 3 strands of hair to create the braided look, an example of this would be Asap Rocky Braids. Twists however use 2 strands of hair intertwined around each other to create the rope effect look. This has become Tygas signature look.

We can accredit him as well as others for the popularity of this particular hairstyle, and due to this popularity today we have covered the different twists for men styles you can try should you be inspired.


Dyed Hair

tyga braids in blonde twists

tyga braids in twists

A variation of these same twists is the use of colour which he is no stranger too. Tyga alternates between black and blonde or straight black. The use of colour creates a more detailed look of the twists which we believe has been intentionally done by the artist further wanting to stand out.



tyga braids in cornrows

One of the benefits his hair transplant has afforded him is the availability to also wear cornrows which we can see him style his hair in from time to time.

Cornrows that are always pulling on your edges could lead to hair loss which is why we don’t see Tyga doing this style often. Therefore when he does its rare and appears not too tight on his head.

Buzz Cut

Tyga Blonde buzz cut

Now that we have covered his twists in detail we can’t end without showing you his beginning phase. When he was first introduced to the masses under Lil Wayne’s label young money we saw Tyga rocking a relatively low buzz cut which he sometimes dyed blonde.

We have documented archives such as music videos, interviews and photoshoots of Tyga’s short hair.


Tips to maintain Twists

Twists are a great protective hairstyle that can last up to 6 weeks. In order to ensure you maximise the duration of the twists you’re going to need to follow a maintenance routine which should set you on the path similar to tyga twists. 

Constantly moisturize your scalp
As your hair grows your more prone to tight skin, itchiness, flakes, ashiness, or redness, all of which can be dealt with by moisturizing your scalp daily.

Oil you’re Scalp
There are literally multiple different hair oils & certain oils are more geared towards hair growth such as coconut or jojoba oil!

Protect your hair while sleeping with a Durag
At this point we should all know that Sleeping with your hair unwrapped can cause breakage due to your pillowcase fabric being cotton or whilst moving around at night. If you don’t like wearing a durag then buy a silk pillowcase. The point is you keep your hair from getting dry, losing moisture and breaking.

Ensure you take your Hair out every 6 Weeks
Simple, this is just hygiene! Your hair has been exposed to multiple layers of dirt and environmental factors which requires up keep! Wash days are your best friend!

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