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Tristian Jass Hair, real, fake, straight, curly? All legitimate questions!

While he may have rose to prominence through his extreme athletic basketball gifts being shown on vlogs today a great amount of this attention is directed to his hair.

Our editorial details his signature look, gallery with all his previous styles as well as a video which documents his process to achieve his style.

What is the Tristan Jass Hair style?

Simply put Tristan Jass’s hairstyle is a bald fade undercut with a perm on top.

Tristan Jass Hair style

We are quickly able to identify this as an undercut since his hair on the sides and back are cut relatively down to skin which results in a distinctive contrast between the hair on top.

Tristian Jass Hair type

The natural follow up question for most is whether Tristan Jass’s hair is naturally curly and we can confirm it is not.

Tristian Jass Hair type

Tristian Jass has straight hair, however by using rollers and perming hair he is able to achieve his desired final look which is curls on top and shaved at bottom.


In the video below we are walked through his hair perming process. It shows his straight hair changing to a curlier texture

  1. The Haircut
  2. Getting Hair Permed

The Haircut

  • To ensure a similar look you will need to have hair clipped up so hair on the sides and back can be trimmed.
  • Maximum length should be 1 ½ but this can be discussed with barber.

The Perm

  • Dampen Hair and comb so it straighten!
  • Trim the ends
  • Ensure hair is washed and cleaned

Professional Hairstylist to take over at this point!

  • Place rollers in your hair if you have straight hair like Tristan
  • Apply the permanent perm solution and leave in hair for 20 mins.
  • Rinse the solution out thoroughly.
  • Apply the neutralizer into hair.
  • Remove your curling rods.
  • Dry your man perm and thank us later.

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Extended Gallery

tristan jass hair in side view
Giannis antetokounmpo hair in side view vs tristan jass hair in side view
permed hair
permed hair with undercut and fringe
undercut perm

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