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Today, Trilby vs Fedora is a new subject of debate that is popular in the fashion industry. People rate the pros and cons of both hat types and try to find which of the two is more coveted. However, nothing matters before comfort. If a hat is practical and comfortable, it is the best way to accessorize your attire while staying stylish.

Well, you should have Trilby or Fedora style hats to have a sleek appearance that is sophisticated and smart with a dapper edge. Both of them look strikingly similar which makes it difficult to choose. Also, Trilby hats are sold in the name of Trilby Fedora. Isn’t it confusing?

Luckily, we are here to help you choose the perfectly brimmed hat that suits your head. Let’s discuss the nuances of these two hat styles in detail:


Trilby vs Fedora- What’s the Difference?

Trilby and Fedora’s styles are often confused as they look incredibly similar to each other that keep people in guessing mode. However, they have some differences which you should know.

The Trilby style has a shorter brim pointed upward at the back and is more compact. It is worn much farther on the head.

On the other hand, Fedoras have a wider brim ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches which are relatively flat. Another significant difference is that Fedoras are worn more forward close to the crown to shade the eyes.


What is Trilby Hat?

Trilby hat

Trilby hat is a narrow brimmed hat that is angled down at the front and slightly up at the back. This particular style came into existence with the stage adaptation of George du Maurier’s 1894 novel TRILBY. It was earlier perceived as a rich man’s hat as it was favoured by the upper class and was worn frequently at horse races. It is also called “Brown Trilby.”

Trilby Pros

Trilby has many advantages that make it an ideal hat to wear.

  • It is of wool or tweed.
  • It has a narrower brim.
  • The brim is adjustable where it can be turned up from both sides.
  • It looks uber stylish and sophisticated at the same time.


Material– The fabrics generally used to make Trilby hats are cotton, straw, wool, and leather. However, the material isn’t the point of much importance; instead, the design is a more significant feature.

Crown Style– When it comes to crown style, it is the most identifying feature, which is angled inwards. Trilby hats have a pointier crown than the Fedora hat style.

Brim Size– Apart from the crown style, the shorter brim is also an important feature of Trilby hats that makes it easier to identify between Trilby vs Fedora. The stingy brim doesn’t give protection to the eyes.

If we talk about the functionality then, Trilby would be the wrong choice. However, if you are looking for something fashionable and smart, then Trilbies are for you as they are worn at the back of the head.


How to Wear a Trilby Hat?

If you are ready to embrace the youthful feel that a Trilby hat gives you then gear up for the wearing etiquettes. A smart and semi-formal look is the ideal look that will go well with Trilby hats. Pair the hat with skinny trousers, a dress shirt which is fitted, and accessorize it well. For summer; beige, white, or cream shades will suit the best whereas you should consider the design instead of the colour.


What is a Fedora Hat?

fedora hat

A Fedora hat is the one with a wider brim which is a little curved up at the edges. It comes with a teardrop-shaped low sitting crown, and they have a hatband around the bottom of the crown which is made of grosgrain, leather, ribbon or cowhide. Its existence roots back to the famous play Fedora in the 1890s by Victorien Sardou, which was originally worn by a woman. However, it got famous with its variations for men and women over time.

Fedora Pros

  • Fedora hats are made of synthetic or natural fabric.
  • They are functional, practical, and stylish too.
  • Anyone can wear and it is favoured by all whether a businessman or politician.
  • Best for formal occasions.


Material- The material is the most significant feature which is considered before buying this particular hat. Mostly fur felt or wool hats are preferred. It is available in a variety of materials including cotton, straw, tweed, hemp, leather, and wool-synthetic blends.

Crown Style- They come in different crown styles including teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, and telescope crowns, and many more. The pinches can be positioned in different ways, depending on the preferable style.

Brim Size- Brim size is one of the identifying features of Fedora style hats where it has a wide brim size varying from 2 to 3 inches. It protects your eyes and gives a covering which a Trilby doesn’t give. It also comes in numerous styles including floppy and raw edge, which are popular with men and women.


How to Wear a Fedora Hat?

As you know that Fedora hats are more functional and are known for their practical use and a wide brim which gives protection to the eyes, it is apt for the formal attire. It will look best when paired with a jacket, be it a suit jacket, sport coat, blazer, or an overcoat. Since it is of a vintage quality, it will go well with double-breasted suits, vests, collar bars, and leather gloves in contrast with the hat. You can wear a Panama fedora hat in cooler times of the year, spring, summer, and fall.


Types of Fedora Hats

When it comes to the variety of Fedora hats, you can find them in different styles. Some of them are listed below:


Straw Fedora

straw fedora hat

A straw fedora hat is something where straw is a common material. However, the durability depends on the shine and brittleness of the straw. It is worn during summer or more sporting events like a horse race event. It is more casual, lightweight, and comfortable in wearing.


Wide Brim and Short Brim

Wide Brim and Short Brim

The two common categories of Fedora hats are the wider brim and the shorter brim. A wider brim fedora is as wide as 4 cm to 10 cm while a short brim fedora will come in wool felt fedora style hat which is quite rare to see.


Safari Fedora

Trilby vs Fedora

The main purpose of a safari fedora hat is to shield you from sun, rain, and wind. It comes with a much wider brim with a functional design feature that offers protection to your eyes. These are usually made of straw or leather and are known for functionality and practical use.


Hamburg Fedora

Trilby vs Fedora

Hamburg fedora is yet another style of Fedora category that comes with a taller, sharper crown with a centre dent. Here the brim is adjustable where it can be curled up on the edges.


Panama Hats

The Panama hat is a stunning summer accessory, perfect for beach vacations, or any other outdoor events. These are handwoven from toquilla straw that depicts the enduring heritage of quality. It is breathable and lightweight. It is versatile and can be carried without any hassle.


Trilby Vs Fedora in Pop Culture

Trilby vs Fedora is one of the debatable subjects that scrutinize the existence of each other and what led to its popularity in pop culture. One rose to fame due to its casual and athletic characteristics while the other grew popular due to its smart and sophisticated style.

While both hats are popular the Fedora has been used throughout TV & Film, here are The best fedoras from film and TV history

 Fedoras became a staple hat through the influence of TV & film that people wore in public places in big events. Each one of these has their own significance and style where these were associated with a different class of people from time to time.

Fedoras were associated more with gangsters and prohibition-era while Trilbies were associated with elite people such as singer and artist Frank Sinatra. So, everyone had their own take on these styles and picked the one that suited their narrative. Michael Jackson also helped popularized the fedora hat as it became a staple look for the artist. 


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