Travis Scott Outfits: 16 Signature Looks

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Since his initial debut in 2012 Travis Scott has grown into becoming one of Hip Hop’s biggest artists. The Grammy nominee has sold over 45 million records and achieved multiple music awards. As well as his music his personal style has also contributed to his star appeal and image through the years making Travis Scott Outfits a talking point within the fashion world.

These outfits tend to follow a similar theme which include the use of grunge fashion mixed with luxury streetwear, vintage t shirts, Rockstar details, oversized t shirts, baggy pants, cargo pants, sportswear, supreme pieces and Air Jordan retros.

His status as a tastemaker & influencer has led to collaboration with brands such as Nike, Saint Laurent, Ksubi and Helmut Lang. His sneaker collaborations are recorded for selling out in seconds due to his influence. From streetwear to formal attire our editorial lists some of the best Travis Scott outfits over the past few years.


Here are the best Signature Travis Scott Outfits

Signature Scott

Signature Scott

One of the signature looks from Travis comes in the form of mixing grunge fashion with luxury streetwear as evidenced in the photo above.

The appeal comes from wearing 1 high priced item such as supreme and a thrifted flannel shirt. Scott also uses his style to be experimental with leather pants, experimental and different in the sense that leather pants aren’t worn much in hip hop culture which therefore make a statement.


Signature Scott 2

Signature Scott

Another signature look from Travis – An orange and yellow Flannel shirt, Supreme t shirt, leather pants and Jordan’s. From the BET Hip Hop Awards, Travis makes sure to stand out in one of the most collectible supreme pieces to be released along with leather pants (something that not many artists at the Hip Hop ceremony would be wearing)


Contemporary Scott

travis scott outfits

While Travis is known as a trend setter we have seen many examples of the artist in everyday contemporary pieces. This is a perfect example of Travis adding his personal style to an everyday fit. Plain jeans, bomber jacket, chain wallet, baseball cap and to finish off a pair of his own Jordan’s.


Suited & Booted

travis scott suit outfit

Aside from luxury fashion and streetwear Travis has also been known to clean up! Taken from his premiere Netflix documentary (Look Mom I can fly) Travis put together a clean tailored suit.

The Tom Ford suit was a statement piece due to its colour while embodying style and confidence throughout the evening. For a similar look, ensure your suit is tailored or slim fitting & not your traditional suit colours such as black, navy or grey.


Signature Scott 3

travis scott fashion

Travis is relatively known for flannel shirts, this time we see the rapper pair his top half with baggy cargo pants and Jordan’s! While this is a signature outfit it is also a statement outfit due to the over-sized baggy pants.

What makes certain Travis Scott outfits interesting is the use of grunge, skateboard and streetwear pieces all into one outfit.


Camo Scott

camo scott

Another contemporary style from Travis sees the rapper incorporate camo into his outfit with a cropped hoody, distressed jeans and sneakers. Camo print has an extensive history in Hip hop culture and streetwear.

During the early days of hip-hop camo was worn to make a political statement, during the mid-2000s Japanese brands such as Bape have been notorious for using camo print as a signature style, a brand Travis has been seen wearing multiple times.


Loud & Proud Scott

Loud Scott 

Our Travis Scott outfits list would not be complete without featuring the artist in his notoriously loud mismatched attire.

Though this style is not a regular occurrence for the artist on occasion we can always expect Trav to create loud outfits as such!

Replicating similar styles requires confidence and boldness for those of you wanting to give it a try.


Double Denim

travis scott jeans

Today artists such as Travis, Asap Rocky and Big Sean continue to rock the double denim look with a slimmer tailored fit as opposed to the 90s baggy fit.

Double denim has been apart of hip-hop fashion since the 90s with brands such as Karl Kani creating both denim jeans and jackets during this period.

To quote ourselves

“During the 90s urban brands such as Karl Kani, Rocawear, Ecko Unltd and Johnny Blaze noticed the shift from denim being worn for workwear into a fashionable item. The urban spin came in the form of Denim pants and jackets being baggy and oversized.”

Trav’s double denim outfit is a perfect example of how it should be worn today!


Skateboard Swag

skateboard Swag

Vintage t shirt form a huge part of Trav’s wardrobe as evident by the large eagle American Thunder T-shirt which can be found at online stores such as Etsy from $20-$100. Add a long sleeve undershirt, camo pants, sneakers and you get the ultimate skateboarder look.

Our constant love for nostalgia can be seen all throughout culture so it should come as no surprise that Hip Hop acts rock vintage tees.


Smart Casual 

Smart Casual

When not performing and on the red carpet the artist does a great job embodying a casual dapper ensemble.

To complement his own signature sneaker worn with the outfit, Travis put together a dusty brown suit from Italian designer James Vincent. Again, another example of the artist not afraid to be experimental with his outfit choices.

Smart Elements – The outfit sees the rapper in a matching brown suede suit tailored to his body.

Casual Elements – Worn with a t shirt, necklace and sneakers.

Contemporary Style 2

Contemporary Style

A huge part of Travis’s style is the consistent theme of streetwear brands such as supreme. The supreme box logos can be seen on his tees, hoodies, jackets and sweatshirts.


Ultimate Confidence

Ultimate Confidence

While Trav is known for rocking the latest contemporary brands we also get to see the rapper step out in mid-2000 baggy pants and sandals.

For the most part Hip hop fashion has followed a uniform look and style throughout the years, for example the late 90s to the late 2000s were all about baggy pants. In addition to this, hip hop artists don’t usually step out in sandals making another statement of ultimate confidence and personal style.


Signature Scott 4

Signature Scott 4

In classic Travis Scott style we see a washed-out tee layered with a flannel shirt, washed denim jeans and vans. The great thing about signature Travis Scott styles is that there easy to replicate


Travis in Pink

pink fit

When we think of Pink in Hip Hop we think of Camron’s infamous pink fur coat and matching hat in 2002. The cultural moment in hip hop would see many acts such as Kanye west experiment with this colour.

Despite the predominant dark colour tones used in the early days of hip hop to match the aggressive content we have seen a shift in the culture and more of an acceptance to pinks allure.

New generation acts such as Travis today use the colours tone in a simple way while making a statement.


Tour Merchandise

Tour Merch

To celebrate the release of new albums Hip Hop artists package merch for fans to purchase online and at the live show which Travis has done multiple times.

His past Astro world merchandise is an extension of his personal style consisting of oversized jackets, printed t shirts, hoodies, decks, accessories and hats.

Merchandise extends the initial album experience allowing fans to feel exclusive to the project and Travis ensures to make fans feel this way. Off and on tour Travis has been spotted rocking his own merchandise.


Nike/Jordan Collaborations

travis scott outfits for everyone

Travis’s status as a tastemaker & influencer has led to multiple brand collaborations with Nike. For the finishing touch to complement your outfit Travis has a range of sneaker collabs from Air Jordans to Nike Air Force 1’s.


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